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Dec 9, 2008 04:46 PM

baby friendly dining

I am looking for a place I can take some out of town guests and my 3 week old baby.
any ideas? chains pls

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  1. Tutta Bella is quite baby and kid friendly.

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      Another option is St. Clouds in madrona which is very kid and baby friendly with pretty good food.

    2. I was lucky that my baby until about 3 months old, if I timed it right, would sleep in the car seat for 3-4 hours so anyplace not 21+ was cool.

      But places that I like with changing tables and decent food include:

      Tutta Bella (Previously mentioned)
      Montlake Ale House (more for the beer selection for the adults than the food but not bad)
      Front St. Cafe (Issaquah, I live there and now I have a second infant.)

      Places that are kid-friendly but not necessarily have full amenities like changing tables:

      Barking Dog Alehouse
      Collins Pub
      Rialto (formerly Greenlake, now Fremont)
      Senor Moose (Ballard)
      Queen City Grill (Really it's just quiet enough for a baby to sleep but loud enough that a lightly fussy baby can't be heard)

      Now if you have a sleeper you can expand your horizons a bit and go anywhere that the tables aren't pushed so close that the car seat thingy is in the way. Places that I took my infant but would have bolted as soon as she started crying for the benefit of others:

      Chandler's (not great but good for out-of-towners wanting seafood)
      Cafe Campagne
      Oliver's Twist (not 21+ surprisingly)

      Good Luck!

      1. Thanks for all the tips.. I am looking forward to trying St Clouds. I personally am not fond of Tutta Bella.
        After emailing some of my foodie friends and restaurant owners, I came to the conclusion that most restaurants would not mind the baby as long as he is quiet, with the financial situation and restaurant business slow , people are just happy to have people coming in.

        Out of respect, I will dine at most places at 5 , before the big crowd comes in.
        I do want to enjoy life and keep doing it so I will keep going to places that I went to before.

        I went to Volterra for dinner last week. It was a little quiet but I have to say the baby was okay. I had a bottle on hand and with every little whimper I gave him the bottle. One time he did cry which I took him into the bathroom. The tables next to me were so nice and made sure to tell me that they didn't mind.
        Note: Volterra has wonderful food and amazing service

        Anyway thanks to all for the comments........

        I can't wait to try Zoe with the baby and Campagne remains to be one of my fav places.