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Dec 9, 2008 04:18 PM

French fries cooked in good old-fashnd beef fat

What's your recommendation? Ideally the joint would also serve up a decent burger, crab or beers or something to go with the fries. I want to relive my 80s pre-trans fat youth!

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    1. re: Jeffsayyes

      Right?! I've just been reading Nina Planck's Real Food. Says beef fat is more stable at high heat than vegetable oil, so not only is it way tastier, it's less likely to give you the cancer.

    2. I believe you can find an answer through the Mayor's Office of Approved Frying Mediums, located on the 8th and a half floor of the Municipal Building, or by calling 311 at 1-800-311-NYNY.

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      1. re: The Engineer

        I don't think 311 is going to have answers on where to find my fries... But as far as the trans fats regs go, according to Section 81.08 of the NYC Health Code, for butter, beef tallow, suet, and lard:

        "These highly saturated fats are not covered by the regulation because they contain only naturally occurring (not artificial) trans fat."

        So, beef fat, you're good to go!

      2. Strange how the old ways, which some of us have never abandoned, are turning out to be the best all along...

        So where's the place for us to get fries cooked in beef fat? And the burger to go with???