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Dec 9, 2008 03:18 PM

Pot Roast your best slow cooked

so it falls off and most not dry. I Love the slow cooking recipes because I feel it gets to be more flavorful but Pot roast isn't a dish I make alot. Thanks

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  1. The best pot roast recipe that I make is so un-chowhoundish, but is awesome. You brown the potroast, put one can cream of mushroom soup, one can red wine (soup can), one sliced onion and 1t. pepper in crockpot and stir together. Add roast and cook 8 hours on low. Best if marinaded overnight and then cooked. Remarkably good.

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    1. re: Main Line Tracey

      Tracey, please post the whole recipe, it sounds great. (with cooking times)

      1. re: Mr Siegal

        Hello Mr. Siegal! The recipe actually is pretty much what I wrote above. I am not sure exactly what size roast. Maybe about 3 lbs. I usually use a round roast. If you are feeling fancy, I sometimes brown the sliced yellow onion (flavor is better) or add a bay leaf. Let me know what you think!

        1. re: Main Line Tracey

          I just put in the oven and will let you know how it comes out.

      2. re: Main Line Tracey

        I've made this recipe before and it's tasty. In my opinion, it tastes great, but it doesn't look too appetizing on the plate. I think that's why I haven't made it again.

      3. I use a pressure cooker for mine and follow one of the recipes you invariably find in pressure cooker cookbooks. Always turns out moist and wonderful and significantly cuts down on the time (I do the same for beef stew)

          1. Folks, what cut of meat do you use for your pot roast? I always get confused when it comes time to buy a big hunk of beef.

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            1. re: jen kalb

              I've tried it with both chuck and brisket, and I MUCH prefer brisket. It can be pricy, though.

              My family recipe is a can of golden mushroom soup, a package of onion soup mix, a browned hunk of meat, abunch of carrots, and a nice slug of bourbon in the last half hour of cooking.

              1. re: Amuse Bouches

                I gotta ask..........who gets the slug of bourbon?????????? LOL