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Dec 9, 2008 02:59 PM

ISO Sicilian Pizza in Providence

Where should I go in Providence, RI, for Sicilian pizza? I will have a car so access to transit isn't an issue.

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  1. Casertas Pizza in Federal Hill is excellent and an old standbuy.

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    1. re: ChickenBrocandZiti

      Ditto Caserta's. I lived in Rhode Island over 20 years ago, and Caserta's is one of the few things about the state that I truly miss. Also try their wimpy Skippy - one AMAZING spinach calzone/pie!

    2. what exactly do you mean by sicilian pizza?thick crust?is casertas?

      1. By Sicilian I mean a thick crust pizza that's baked in a pan rather than a traditional, Neapolitan pizza that's shaped and baked free form. Has anyone eaten at Cassertas recently? I've seen several negative comments about how their dough is greasy and how the quality has gone downhill and am hoping that's not the case. What about Sicilia pizza? How does that place compare to Cassertas?

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        1. re: Velda Mae

          I ate at Caserta's last week. It was probably my negative thread you saw. Undercooked dough and sauce so thin that most of the crust was bare when you lifted up the cheese. I used to love the place but it's hit or miss.

          I'm assuming you're not from around here so it's a one time thing for you. My suggestion is to go ahead and spend $9 and try it.. maybe you'll get luckier than I have been. If you like saucy pizza than specify that when you order that you'd like a lot of sauce. (The thing that everyone will agree makes Caserta so popular is the sauce..if you read older threads everyone says "it's the sauce" and it's so good you don't even need cheese..but for some reason they are slacking on it)

          And if you sure to have other places in mind to try if you're not impressed. I hate when I'm in the mood for a good pizza and get crap.

        2. I'm with Velda Mae, ISO Sicilian pizza anywhere w/in 100 mile radius! Miss it desperately, tried to make it myself last weekend - fuhgeddaboudit! Am at the point where i'm considering a trip back my old neighborhood in Brooklyn just to get it! But there HAS to be a place closer by, right??!! SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE!

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          1. re: bklyngrlinRI

            Castertas is awesome and it IS the sauce. I will admit that it can be hit or miss unfortunately, but in my experience it is a hit 80% of the time...

            1. re: Sean

              The brothers W are big Caserta fans. I love the crust (except when they burn it) but agree with the comments about the sauce. The sauce is so good that you don't need cheese, which is an optional topping at Caserta's -- very old school. Our standard order is mushrooms and olives, which are scattered about the pie in a wonderfully random manner.

              There has been downhill talk about Caserta for decades -- especially when they opened up another location down in Narragansett. But that was years ago. The place rocks.

              NB: The name of the place is Caserta Pizzeria. Calling it Caserta's is a classic RI thing. There is no Mr. or Mrs. Caserta. Caserta is a suburb of Naples, It'ly.

              1. re: Bob W

                Caserta Pizzeria has Sicilian Pizza (a.k.a. square pizza)? how thick is the crust? my memories are of at least 2"... the corners are best!

                1. re: bklyngrlinRI

                  Your kidding about Caserta's right. my god. the pizzas are pre made, then more sauce is plopped on top to reheat didnt it occur the cheese is way under the sauce.

                  1. re: happycook1

                    thanks for the head's-up happycook1... doesn't sound like good sicilian pizza at all! Boston has good pizza - anyone up there do sicilian?

                    1. re: bklyngrlinRI

                      Have you tried Presto's on Beacon Street in Cleveland Circle, up in Brighton. After having seen a piece on the Travel Channel, I now have a craving for good Sicilian pizza, but Providence just doesn't know how to do it!

          2. I am way late to the conversation here, but Caserta's is not really Sicilian - it's good, but those of us from NY know that it is not a Sicilian...close but no cigar (and delicious to boot)...Frank & John's in East Greenwich will make a Sicilian if you ask (it's not a menu item)...rivals most I've had in NY...