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Dec 9, 2008 02:24 PM

Any cheap eats in Hancock park?

I'm staying at the Four Seasons on Thursday and was wondering if there was any good food a very reasonable prices (aka cheap) around Hancock Park or K Town?

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  1. Dino's Burgers on Pico Blvd. near Vermont Ave. for the day-glo orange chicken (pollo maniaco) and fries for about $4 is excellent and there is a Peruvian wood cooked rotisserie chicken place (Pollo A La Brasa) on the SE corner of 8th St. and Western Ave. with an addictive aji sauce. Finally, just a little farther east of Western Ave. on 8th is Guelaguetza for good and cheap Oaxacan food.

    1. I love Mariela's Tacos on 3rd just west of Fairfax for their soup (not their tacos). Cafe Metro on Wilshire between Vermont and Western makes good sandwiches. HMS Bounty on Wilshire (across the street from Cafe Metro) makes good fish and chips and is open for lunch. There is a Noah's in Larchmont on the corner of Larchmont and Beverly (?).

      1. Personally I love Farmer's Market where you can find something you're in the mood for....I love the atmosphere and the food.
        However I love Larchmont and, when in the neighborhood, Larchmont Village Wine and Cheese has a sandwich I crave.
        it's the 'prosciutto and fresh mozzarella'....arugula, olive and balsamic, panini style, on ciabatta....they make sandwiches until their bread is gone...$5 for half is all I need. I drink my own H20 :).