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Dec 9, 2008 01:57 PM

Good delivered pizza in New Haven, CT?

I've lived in New Haven for quite a while, so I'm familiar with all the good "apizza" places (and all the arguments about them), and I live but a block from Modern, one of the best, but occasionally my wife and I are feeling really lazy, or it's raining really hard, and we want to order from a place that delivers. At this point we have to fall back on the yellow pages. Or resort to (shudder) Pizza Hut or the like.

Does anyone have an opinion on the best pizza place that *delivers* to the East Rock area? If Modern did, we'd be all set. If you don't know what East Rock means exactly, remember we're a block (a long block) from Modern and about a mile northwest of fabled Wooster Square.


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  1. I am quite sure that Amato's (a few doors down from Modern) has begun to deliver. It has long been our "if there's a line at Modern" alternative, and their pizza (and for that matter, pretty much their entire menu) is very good.

    1. Good delivered pizza = mutually exclusive. I grew up in the area and know it well, so for pizza's sake, take the walk, air!

      1. Abate's, in Wooster Square, is the best delivery in town. Yorkside and Westville Village pizza also both deliver, and, while they aren't great, make pretty good pizza. All three can be ordered online at but, for whatever reason, Abate's doesn't list all their toppings online. Bella Haven, also on that site, delivers, and sometimes makes really good pizza. Unfortunately, they aren't especially consistent yet.

        1. If Abate delivers, definitely use them. Dayton St also makes really good pizza AND subs. (Their calzones are unpredictable.) They deliver, but not sure if they travel all the way downtown. I know I see them all over Westville and near Woodbridge. 389-2454.

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            One note I should have made about Abate's is to have your oven ready when it gets to you, because it's not going to be hot. Apizza does not retain heat well.