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Dec 9, 2008 01:54 PM

Any dinner recs for Ft. Myers/Cape Coral/Pt. Charlotte area?

We're driving from Tampa to Everglades City and are looking for a good dinner stop along the way.

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  1. The Perfect Caper, Punta Gorda. Chow worthy.

    1. A little off the beaten path, but IMO well worth it.There is a place on Pine Island called Reds Seafood House & Tavern. Just had dinner there tonight, and it was outstanding food, at a reasonable price.
      Article in the Friday USA Today ob Pine Island being one of Florida's best kept secrets.

      There website is,

      1. There is an exit off of I-75 when you are heading south that is located immediately before you cross the Braden River bridge. This is the exit for the big factory discount mall, called the "Ellenton Mall." Just west of I-75 is Anna Maria Oyster Bar. It's very casual and not very expensive. They serve excellent seafood, especially the oyster on the half shell and Oysters Rockefeller. The fish, especially the local gulf fish, are great. Also, I recommend the crab roll, a New England specialty, but very well done there. I hope this helps.

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          I am meeting someone in Ft. Myers for lunch on 1/22 and tried Mapquest for Ellenton Mall & Anna Marie Oyster Bar. Neither came up. Can you clarify and do you know if this place is open for lunch?

          1. re: Iowaboy3

            Anna Marie Oyster Bar is open for lunch. There are several locations. The address for the one in Ellenton is: 1525 51st Ave East

            Ellenton is about 125 miles north of Ft. Myers though.