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Dec 9, 2008 01:09 PM

salute wine bar--what's up?

so was checking out the shopping cart xmas tree last night on Main in Santa Monica, and we were surprised by a sign for "Salute Wine Bar" in a big space that I believe was a Swedish place at some point. looks entirely finished, but it was totally dark and a sign says something about waiting for approval from the city. I looked it up online and found out it will be a wine and "piattini" bar.
1. anyone know when they'll be open?
2. what's a piattini?

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  1. This place is the 2nd successor to Rockenwagner, meaning Yose was the successor(unsuccessful, btw).
    It is supposed to be opening any day now. Their liquor license has been activated, so they could legally open any day now, pending all the city planning, zoning, building, and health permits.
    As to Piattini, guesses still permitted.

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      yeah i checked the ABC site and their license dates from July, hence my wondering about opening dates. i'd love a good glass of wine in walking distance!

      1. re: jdwdeville

        "i'd love a good glass of wine in walking distance" - I do hope the proprietor knows his way around the wine business, as opposed to just being someone trying to open a place to cash in on the fad restaurant concept of the moment, and just pouring swill as the consuming public will buy into the concept.

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          1. I checked out the place Friday night with a few friends... AWESOME concept. The waiter had explained that they take your credit info and attach it to a scu card, which then you go and try their wines by the glass simply by swiping your card.....

            Since they had barely opened their system was not up to try this, but I am sure once they do, it could create problems for people like me, who in their drunk states, just start drinking and swiping out of control.

            We had a mix of apps, the burrata crustini which you cant go wrong with and the fig goat cheese crustini which was tasty. Their pizza is unbelievable! We tried the wild mushroon, perfectly cooked super thin crust pizza. We also had the duck leg which was tasty but super small, so maybe not the best for sharing.

            As for wine, their selection was top notch. I had a Russian River J sparking wine by the glass (very hard to find)... and we tried a mix of reds for a bottle of their Coto Rioja (excellent!) only $20!

            We got their at 7 and ended up staying for 4 hours!! Good night.