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Dec 9, 2008 12:47 PM

dinner in or near marriott long wharf

hi - staying at the mnarriott long wharf for 2 nites - looking for dinner reccomendations - open to any cuisine - no more than mid $30's per entree. any help appreciated!

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  1. Sel de la Terre directly across the street. Great food and service.

    Sel De La Terre
    255 State St, Boston, MA 02109

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      I had a great meal some months ago at Taranta, which is in the near North End and should be easily walkable from the Marriott Long Wharf. Taking your "any cuisine" to its outer limits, this place is an Italian/Peruvian hybrid ... sounds odd but is very good.


      210 Hanover St., Boston, MA 02113

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        Second BBHound's recommendation...If you go tonight they have the wine tasting menu...Usually a VERY good value and very informative.

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          A third vote for SDLT. You should head to Neptune Oyster in the North End for the other night. Radius is also nearby

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            Legal is right there too. A very short walk and you're in Quincy Market with all its options.

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              Not always a favorite here, but I like Kingfish Hall, the Todd English place at the end of Faneuill Hall

            2. re: JoeM

              I have to second Radius. It was perhaps the best meal I ever had. Not a terrible walk from Long Wharf. You can also go up toward the Common and there are a number of choices.

              8 High St, Boston, MA 02129

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                We often stay at the Marriott Long Wharf and love that it is so close to the North End which is loaded with great restaurants! Two of our favorites are Artu and Antico Forno. Legal Seafoods, although a chain, is consistently given very high marks. And don't forget to hit Mike's Pastry on the walk back to your hotel! ;-)

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                  Radius is very good but there is a good shot that it will be more than the $30/entree the OP was shooting for.

                1. re: rememberme

                  reporting back - thank you so much for the suggestions-
                  the couple we were with had been to union oysters and absolutely raved about it. so we went there the first night and oddly they both were disappointed in their dinners - (salmon and seafood melody over linguini)-were'nt prepared the same way as thier initial visit. my wife and i were happy with ours- fried oysters and boston scrod) but wouldn't rave about it. waitress very friendly and professional and encouraged us to linger at the table when we were done if we wanted to.

                  tunamelt - thanks for the taranta suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!- all four of us had outstanding meals. the room is very comfortable and we had a nice view from the window. the waiter was excellent - matched a glass of wine with what was going to be ordered for the entree and volunteered in advance to replace it if the customer was not happy. appetizers enjoyed were the scallops (special), antipasta and mussels. entrees were pork chops and 2 different pasta dishes. total bill with with 2 glasses of wine and 3 beers in total for the group (4 people) was $250- including tax and tip. we all considered this an excellent meal at a fair price for the quality and total experience. definitely want to return here on our next trip to boston!

                  1. re: kennycandy

                    shouldn't be doing this when i'm overtired! the meal at taranta' also included two dessers. mini cannoli's (guava and ricotta cheese) and a lemon sorbet.

                    and yes, we did stop at mike's pastry on sunday morning. some great items we tried were the chocolate covered torrone and pistachios and almond cookies.!

              2. Cantina Italiana in the North End is another great choice.
                For a little different experience, right at Long Wharf you can take a ferry to Charlestown Navy Yard. It's a fun thing to do, and I would recommend a short walk from the ferry to the Navy Yard Bistro. Excellent bistro/comfort food at reasonable prices.
                A slightly longer walk would bring you to Olive's in Charlestown's City Square, or up a gaslight street in a beautiful historic neighborhood is Figs. Ferries run until 8PM on weekdays; 6PM on weekends.