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Best outdoor space in LA

What place do you think has the best outdoor space in LA and also has decent food? It seems like most places with nice outdoor spaces have mediocre or overpriced food. Also a full bar would be nice. Thanks in advance everybody!

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  1. I feel like I've been recommending this a lot, but the back patio at Wilshire is beautiful and the food is good, and sometimes great. Also has a full bar.

    1. Michael's in Santa Monica has a beautiful patio and good (but not great) food. I like the patio at the Buffalo Club also in Santa Monica and if you like "boy" food it's a good location. The patio at Spago in Beverly Hills is quite nice and their tasting menu is outstanding.

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        Agree on Micheal's. I also like the patio at Joe's but the food is only worth the $ at lunch/brunch.

      2. the patio at Pane e Vino on Beverly Blvd is one of my favorites. the food is pretty solid, and they have a full bar.

        ETA: how could i forget this one? the patio at Barney Greengrass - great NY deli/appetizing food on the roof of Barney's dept store in the heart of BH.

        1. cafe pinot has a wonderful outdoor space. hard to believe it's an urban setting. food is quite good.

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            agree on cafe pinot. on a balmy evening it feels cosmopolitan and the food is good.

          2. thanks a lot, please keep them coming!

            1. For a combination of food and outdoor quality, I would vote for Bar Hayama on Sawtelle and Nebraska. Good Izakaya or sushi, sake and an outdoor spot with a fire pit.

              1. cliffs edge in silverlake has a nice outdoors area. A bit out of town, Saddleback lodge is calabasas is great.

                1. I really like the patio at Cliff's Edge in Silverlake but the food is mediocre. All the places along PCH (Gladstones, Moonshadows . . .) have nice patios but they all have horrible food. The Little Door on 3rd has that great bar on the patio but their food is expensive and bad.
                  I used to like the Ivy a lot but I think the prices have gone up and the food has gotten worse and it's a pain to deal with. The patio's nice though.

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                    the patio at Orso's on 3rd was very nice last time i was there. Il Cielo- burton way... nice outdoors but food wasn't that memorable.

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                      Love love love Orso.
                      Totally agree with you about llCielo...very blah.

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                        i've eaten at Orso a couple of times, and while the food was decent, the service was *horrendous.* the patio is nice, but i prefer the one at Pane e Vino.

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                          LOL....i have to say the opposite about the service.
                          Maybe it's just me but I think the service is impeccable....they know when to wait and they know when to step back....
                          As far as patios go, sure, there are better but Orso is one of those places that is consistent and the ambiance is wonderful....whether you like the food or not.

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                      I disagree about The Ivy on Robertson.
                      The prices are consistent and so is the food.
                      It is one thing you count on....whether you like the food or not, it's consistent.
                      I have never had a problem getting in and I love their crabcakes along with one of the best dry martinis in the city.

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                        With the exception of one brunch, I have always enjoyed The Ivy. The food has always been good, I've never had bad service--in fact, just the opposite--and they also make a great Bloody Mary. Now, Ivy on the Shore is another story. I've been there a few times and never though it was worth the money.

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                        Agree on Cliff's Edge's patio. It's really lovely and the food is above average.

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                          it drives me crazy how cliff's edge can't seem to get it together.
                          honestly, they don't deserve to have such an awesome space.
                          in regards to outdoor dining in this city, there certainly seems to be a "good enough" attitude to those fortunate enough to have a space that takes advantage of our climate. it baffles me.

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                            Same effect as those water view places like Geoffrey's or any Bob Morris on the water restaurant. You don't have to try and serve top notch food when you have the hungry suck...er patrons crowding in for the view/ambiance.

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                              while geoffrey's is hardly a temple of gastronomy, there are always a few excellent dishes. And you can just have a drink - why the hate? it is a beautiful setting. I know a ton of places for wonderful food that have no ambience let alone a thought of a view.

                              So I guess I'm a sucker.
                              Fine by me.

                              1. re: Jerome

                                I hardly construe saying that a place doesn't serve top notch food as raining "hate" down upon it. YMMV

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                                  you're right.
                                  saying that those who patronize such establishments are suckers is perhaps just a wee bit harsher.

                                  But good point.

                        2. Wilshire would be your best choice. Beautiful setting and great food.

                          1. Wilshire is nice, but I'm rather partial to the view from the roof of the Sunset Tower Hotel.

                            1. The Edendale Grill in Silverlake has a lovely patio, a full bar, and decent food.

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                                You are being very "generous" calling Edendale's food decent, plus the service is horrible.

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                                  The Chateau Marmont garden IMO is the best in the city. The food has been bad for many years however it should be much improved now that Carolyn Spence is the chef. I haven't been since she started though.

                                1. Dominick's on Beverly has a nice patio with a full bar outside but the food is pretty average.

                                  1. inn of the seventh ray - topanga. high end and pretty solid organic food. tasty and the staff is great! the dining "room" is in the woods on the edge of a creek. it's wonderful. i think full bar, but not positive.

                                    abuelitas - topanga. pretty good mexican in the woods! love it. full bar.

                                    beechwood - washington/abot kinney; their bar area is pretty nice and outside. there's a long fireplace that is great to sit around. the bar food is good, but skip the restaurant. full bar.

                                    don antonio's - pico b/w bundy and barrington. back patio is nice and lively. full bar. the name is escaping me at the moment - but there's also a mexican place on rose west of lincoln that has a nice outdoor patio and pretty decent food.

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                                      must disagree with you about the food at inn of the seventh ray.
                                      i found the food to be average//poor and the service completely lacking.
                                      not to mention the high prices.

                                      that said, it is the prettiest environment i could imagine.

                                      1. although the patio is lucque is pretty walled in, if you catch it at the right time of day, or on the right day it is very niice and relaxing and the food is great.

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                                          Gjelina on Abbott Kinney. Great outdoor patio, exceptional food.

                                        2. The patio at Zip Fusion Downtown (near Little Tokyo) is one of the best. The brick building is over 100 years old so you can imagine the atmosphere. I also love Cafe Pinot Downtown.

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                                            But the food at Zip is just so terrible. Agreed that Cafe Pinot has a lovely patio, though, and the food is fairly solid.

                                          2. The Ivy has a great outside space and i have always eaten well there and enjoyed great service.

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                                              I love the Ivy on Robertson. The food and the service is always, without fail, consistent.
                                              The Ivy at the Shore is a totally different experience, however.
                                              I don't waste my time there.

                                            2. Odd, but yes, Zip Fusion, downtown, which has fairly bad sushi, has a charming patio. Lucques has a most civilized patio, nice and quiet for conversing. I haven't seen the Hotel Bel Air patio mentioned, which is pretty. Pane e Vina and Orso are always solid patios.
                                              Wolfe Burger in Pasadena has a nice hidden patio, too.

                                              1. I love to eat outside, and have a long list of favorites, some already mentioned, some are a little funky, but I love them anyway. Especially if they have a full bar or at least a great wine list:

                                                Wilshire is the best patio. Then there's Michaels, Dominicks, Chateau Marmont, Asia de Cuba, Sunset Tower, Il Cielo, Pane e Vino. I'd add Gjelina, Lilly's, Primitivo, Hidden, The Galley, Beechwood, Rene's Courtyard Cafe, Warzawa's The Yard...

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                                                    The food at Warszawa is fantastic. Every time I've brought friends, family there, they've all been repeat customers. The ambiance is quiet and relaxing and the service is really good.