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Dec 9, 2008 12:27 PM

Did Posto open this week?

Anyone go?

It's in the old Viridian spot on 14th street.

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  1. Walked past last night and went in. It opened on Friday apparently. Reasonable prices - on both food and wine - yummy pizza. As someone who lives only a couple of blocks away I couldn't be more excited. Also, in the vein of the rest of 14th street, they don't take reservations. But definitely stop by and check it out! We were seated immediately last night at around 9. And there's ample bar space as well.

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    1. re: mc22

      They don't have their menu posted online. May you tell us some of the things that they had on there besides pizza?


        1. re: hill food

          From the mini-review...

          "portions are pretty small, but the food is rich so I don't think you'd want more"

          ^^Who are these people?

    2. sign says covered in white. Maybe it's the time of day I walked by, but that made me think something weird was up.

      if it's good...then awesome! never a shortage of goodies to add in this area

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      1. re: Jeserf

        DCist confirms it's open. Let us know if it's good!

          1. re: tld373

            unless you're takin' me, I'm a home cook.

            Too broke to give my hard earned money to restaurants. Such is life as a homeowner. My old days as a renter, I'd have already eaten there! :) Ah, what we do for the prospects of equity.

            1. re: Jeserf

              Ditto on paying $$$ at restaurants. Luckily, with good recipe sources and trips to the area's Italian markets, one can often surpass Italian restaurant quality at home (unless you fly in ingredients like Obelisk or have a your very own wood-fired oven!). I look at the line outside of Pasta Mia and I move on -- I can make that stuff at home.

              That being said, I'd like to grab my constant dinner companion (a friend I try restaurants with) and head over to Posto. However, my friend lived in Italy for several years and bristles at the thought of paying more than $12 ($10 adjusted for inflation) for pasta.

              1. re: MartinDC

                When the menu/prices are posted online, I'll probably go.

                Or when significant other pays, we'll go. I'm pretty sure pizza, after months of eating it in Iraq, will be at the bottom of the list of food to eat.

                Lots of stuff coming up in that area, though - which is nice.

        1. Went to Posto about a week ago. Both my friend and I ordered pasta specials: ravioli and penne. Both meals were really good but I have to agree with some others that the portions were REALLY small. Prices weren't bad...I would've rather they charged more money and provided more food!!!

          1. Has anyone been here recently? I haven't tried it but thought it might be a good spot to check out possibly this weekend. Any recent reviews?

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            1. re: Elyssa

              Went with a couple of girlfriends this week. Started with two pizzas (I forget the restaurant's name for them, but one was a white pizza and the other was the vegetarian). Both were great--thin, crispy crust, wonderful cheeses on the white, and great combo of veggies on the veggie.
              We then shared a few other plates: clams, beef tartare, and a side of spinach.
              The clams were okay, although highly recommended by our server. Definitely a small portion, plus the clams were on the small side themselves. Beef tartare was excellent--mixed in with chunks of mozerella-unlike any beef tartare I've ever had. Plus my non-carnivore friend tried it and liked it, and my other friend (more adventurous eater) had yet to taste beef tartare, and enjoyed it as well. The spinach side was wonderful, with pinenuts and raisins.
              For dessert we shared a berry cobbler which included blackberries and cranberries. A perfect mix of sour and sweet.
              I agree that portion sizes are small, but all together with a glass of wine each, we ended up spending $40 including tax and tip.
              I would go back, but focus on the pizza and wine. None of the pastas jumped out at us to try but perhaps if the menu changes I'd try one next time.