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Dec 9, 2008 12:26 PM

Primehouse New York or Blue Water Grill

I have a gift certificate for BR Guest restaurants and have narrowed it down to Primehouse or Blue Water Grill. I'm going for dinner with a friend, just looking for a great meal and nice atmosphere. Which would you recommend?

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  1. Blue Water Grill definitely. Primehouse is decent, but BWG has always been consistent and the atmosphere is relaxing versus the very jarring black and white dizzying atmosphere at Primehouse. I also always find the service at BWG much better.

    1. I dunno about Primehouse but Blue Water is bad news. I would go for the steak and hope they don't screw it up and use decent meat.
      Not sure how much your gift is for but I would probably choose Fiamma, though I would rather not have to go to any BR Guest venue.
      Actually, I would go to Wildwood but you asked for a nice atmosphere.
      Hope it goes well for you if you got that as a gift.

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        I just used a BR Guest GC at Fiamma. It was very good. Definitely a step above the other BRG restaurants. I love Ocean Grill for a good, solid, casual meal, but Fiamma was a step above and has a Michelin star.

      2. I haven't been to Blue Water Grill in years but I always thought it was very mediocre. So I suppose if it was between those 2 places, I'd opt for Primehouse even though I've never been.

        And not that you asked, but I do actually like Dos Caminos -- I think their guacamole is great.

        1. Of all the BRG sea themed spots, I'd opt go for Atlantic Grill over Blue Water. If the gift certificate is a decent amount, why not, as UWStoSONO pts out, Fiamma??