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Dec 9, 2008 12:10 PM

Should Trattoria Milanese be in the Slow Food Guide?

I was hoping to make it to Latteria San Marco this evening but the weather turned cold and rainy for the long walk so I decided to try Trattoria Milanese instead. Boy, what a mistake! I just perused a previous post that stated that the same weird experience that I had.

I decided to try the ossobuco risotto milanese since I know it is a classic dish and I have never tried it before. I could not believe It was ready it two minutes! I was taken off guard and could not believe that they had already prepared this dish. Is this the spirit of the slow food mission? If the food was good I would not be as upset but the ossobuco was impossible to cut with my knife and did not have much flavor at all. I was so disappointed and felt so rushed that i decided not to order any more dishes. This dish was not cheap either, at 24 euros it was the most expensive on the menu.

I have had great luck with the listings in the Osterie and Locande D'Italia but this one was one was a giant flop. I guess I should have gone with my first instincts and taken the long cold walk.

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  1. I have also heard mixed things about Trattoria Milanese. I nonetheless wanted to try it my first time in Milan, but when researching it I came across Antica Trattoria della Pesa, viale Pasubio 10. I ended up going there instead because they seemed to serve the same style of food and I got the impression it was a more low-key place frequented by locals. It was an excellent alternative. The veal chop, osso buco and al salto are just some of the highlights. I return there every trip to Milan.

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      Perhaps, I had read one of your previous posts because I had Antica Trattoria della Pesa on my list to try. What neighborhood is it located in? There's always next trip! Thanks.

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        It is Porta Volta, not far from Corso Como if memory serves.