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Dec 9, 2008 12:04 PM

Chow-Worthy Food Near Royal Albert Hall [London]

This SoCal Chowhound and Mrs. TravelPath will be attending the Messiah at Royal Albert Hall on Dec 7:30pm...Does anyone have any suggestions for an early dinner or a late meal in the neighborhood?

Also, we will be staying in Mayfair...any recs for Chow-worthy places in the area...we prefer an emphasis on food quality and not the "scene"!...Middle Eastern, Indian, Italian...anything for that matter. Thanks!

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  1. search under polish hearth club, randa and launceston place.

    1. Yes I would recommend Daquise which is at the end of South Kensington Underground Station the Thurloe Place side. I was introduced to it many many years ago by a girlfriend of mine who now lives in Hong Kong - Wonderful food there I must say.
      Back to Daquise one gets good wholesome food of Polish and Hungarian origine and not too expensive either. However it can get very busy on certain evenings so get there before your Concert or after if you are lucky enough to get in.
      More expensive would be the Bombay Brasserie where I have also eaten with a group of people from work. The food is superb though and the ambiance just right.
      Ma Jin is also good and less expensive again and I concur try to have the duck.
      I have not tried the Tapas place yet which is opposite South Ken Station so can't comment on it.

      Now if you really want to push the boat out in Mayfair then I would recommend La Gavroche which still reigns supreme, but at a price.

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        Good advice but that question is from two years ago. But some things never change..... although some restaurants disappear with time.

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          How funny, chef de photo: I haven't been on Chowhound in ages (we live in London - in South Ken actually) and I came here looking for recommendations in Ludlow, and when I saw the Albert Hall query I rushed to answer it, too! Just before I did, I saw Zuriga1 say it's a two year old question but since you happened to reply today I just wanted to say that the Tapas place - Casa Brindisi - is lovely. It's the same people who have the great one on the corner at Borough Market- it started just as a large market stall selling Spanish imports.

          Also, across the street that's under construction is a great little cheap asian place - that sliver with a few tables and all glass. AA Gill loves it. And there's also a great sushi place across from Pain Quotadien, but I'm blanking on that name, too. Just a little dive with stools on a small conveyer belt, but really lovely.
          A savvy friend born in Korea but raised in Poland loves Daquise. I'm longing to go back.

          1. re: polkadot23

            That Chinese place is called Oriental Canteen and it is utter garbage -- no disrespect (well some I suppose), but if you think that is good food then you haven't a clue about good Chinese. They literally cannot cook rice -- I lived down the road and have been about 5 times (all a result of utter desperation), and haven't once been served anything resembling good Chinese. The rice has always either been an overcooked clumpy load of crap, or undercooked and cold, the noodle dishes are blah, the meat is extremely poor quality, and even the duck (which is cooked offsite) is cut poorly. AA Gill is a massive tosser, and his opinions on restaurants have little to do with the food itself, and are simply motivated by how many words the restaurant can inspire him to squeeze out (plus his review was from 2003 -- perhaps a once passable restaurant, but it is now garbagio)!

            That being said, I'd go again.

            There is a good french place called La Bouchee which has a nice steak frite deal (under 15 for steak frite and starter -- always an excellent soup option), though you have to eat early. The rest of the food is good as well, but can get pricey for a neighbourhood spot.

            I occasionally eat (and regret eating) at Beirut Express. Its a maroush outpost and average lebanese food, but its fast and relatively well-priced. Otherwise, I like Pasha on Gloucester Road, and Min Jiang is good in the hotel on HS Ken.