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Dec 9, 2008 11:44 AM

looking for New Years Eve dining in MSP

So I am looking for a romanitc restaurant to go to for New Years Eve with my Boyfriend. This date is also our anniversary so I want this meal to be special. I was just looking around on the internet for some restaurants that might be offering a special menu for New Years, but so far I have only found places with Chirstmas menus posted. We were thinking about going to Chamber's because he is an art lover, and we haven't been there yet, but I'm not so sure. Opinions please!!!

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  1. If cuisine and price range are no obstacle, here are two threads that deal with the "romantic in MSP" portion of the question.

    Might need to let those fingers do the walking to answer the "New Year's Eve" portion of the question.

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      Thanks that was helpful! I am intruiged by the one poster's response about calling Porter and Frye and saying that you are interested in a tasting menu. Although I am not sure that would happen on New Years Eve. I love La Belle Vie, but it is not an option because we went there recently for another special occasion and we are looking for something different.

    2. I really love Meritage and I'll bet you could make a lovely evening out of it with a stroll through Rice Park or maybe even ice skating at that little outdoor rink (okay, maybe hard to do depending on how you're dressed...)


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        We went on a double date to Meritage for NYE last year for the late seating. It was not "cuddle in a corner" romantic, but it was a lot of fun. The staff was great and the food was very tasty. They had their regular menu plus a few NYE specials which I appreciated because it meant that it was not any more expensive than a regular night out at Meritage. I do not know if they are doing a similar menu this year or not - I would call and ask if you are interested. We went back to Meritage a month ago or so. The ricotta gnocchi and the braised pork shoulder with sage were particularly delicious. We also tried the cheese cart this time and the three kinds of cheese we tried were great.

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          I will look into Meritage. Thanks!

      2. Just a general thought -- I've found that many of the restaurants I'd normally consider romantic are less so on New Year's, due simply to the volume of folks they're pushing through -- not unlike Valentine's Day. Just something to consider -- it won't be easy to get a quiet table for two.

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          I see your point, but I think we are more interested in sharing an amazing meal, then being tucked away in a corner canoodling. Still this is somthing to consider. Thanks!

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            Vincent usually does a special NYE menu.

            ... and here it is:

        2. 2 years ago we had an amazing NYE dinner at Alma.

          Highly recommended......

          Meritage is an excellent spot as well - I've just never been there for NYE

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            Last NYE we had dinner at Bayport Cookery. They had a special tasting menu and the space is small and lovely and very romantic. They have 2 seatings on NYE and we chose the latter. We made a night out of it and stayed at a B&B in Stillwater. It was a great night and not crowded and crazy like some places in the city can be.

          2. About two years ago we spent New Years Eve at W.A. Frost in St. Paul and it was the perfect combination of romantic ambiance (we requested a table near the fireplace) and a great New Year's menu (I still fondly recall the cheese plate). At midnight the staff broke out champagne for everyone still seated and the restaurant erupted in cheers and toasting. It was a busy evening as other posters have noted, but we left happy with the combination of food and celebration.