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Dec 9, 2008 11:32 AM

praline technique

I was thinking to give pralines along with fudge to a few people. I've made a couple of batches (out of this world!) and while the taste & texture are very good (I ate both batches!), they are a pain in the ass to dollop into individual pieces. Can I not pour into one pan, let cool and then cut into pieces, kinda like fudge. I'm not sure if they would actually cut or just crumble. Thoughts?

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  1. Ladle the pralines onto a marble slab or a cookie sheet with waxed paper. I dunno about pouring into one pan--part of the fun of pralines is just the way they are!

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      it will be pretty hard to cut.... since it will be so brittle. we usally just break them off in pieces and trim the sharp points (children friendly).. i am thinking maybe you can pour the praline in a few looong strips between a few baking sheets, close to ruler width and break them off to pieces? less crumble, i think. i'm planning doing that. i hope it works.