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Dec 9, 2008 11:02 AM

Agostini on Somerled -- don't try the carrot cake

We took the kids and went for pasta at Agostini on Someled on Friday. The linguine with clams and red sauce, canneloni, and penne with red sauce were forgettable, definitely not the equal (in price or in quality and presentation) of Antico Martini across the street or Pasta Casareccia on Sherbrooke. Our server steered us to the pasta, but I understand from reading here that we should have had subs or pizza.

We ordered a slice of carrot cake for the kids, and they didn't like it. We tried it, and found that one side of the slice was dry enough that it made a noise when you hit it with your fork. We mentioned it to the server, and she talked to the manager (owner?) and told us she couldn't take it off the bill and didn't offer us anything else. The manager insisted to us that carrot cake is supposed to be a little dry like that, and they just started that one this week.

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  1. Hmmm, sounds like the issue is not the cake, but the service. Guess times must be tough for them...to not comp a dried-out piece of cake is beyond stingy. Not to mention the fact that the server needed to check with the manager instead of just offering you a fresher piece...sounds like a lame place to work as well as eat.

    I'm trying to remember if this is the same place hub and I visited exactly once in the 5 yrs we lived in that general neighbourhood - was this resto formerly located on Upper Lachine Road, in a place that was subsequently (or is?) a Korean BBQ joint? If it is indeed the same place, I can't say the food is exactly forgettable, since years later I actually DO recall the lasagne being pretty mediocre... ;-)

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        I can't imagine something not being equal to Antico Martini...they set the bar pretty low.