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Dec 9, 2008 10:56 AM

Nashville - Need a charity recommendation

Well I got a bigger bonus than I expected this year and I'd like to make a contribution fo a local group that addresses hunger issues. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'm in Nashville and there are a few options:
    Second Harvest is probably the most professional and focused on hunger non-profit.
    I've also seen that there are a number of churches around town which have weekly soup kitchens.
    Then there's the Rescue Mission downtown. They feed people at night.

    You have a good heart.

    1. Second Harvest is a good recommendation.They supply food to the food banks, to the subsidized day care and preschools to the homeless shelters and the feeding programs like St Patrick's, and they (used to anyway) operate Kids Cafe, a mobile diner that provides a hot meal each week at a "cafe" setting in various neighborhoods and so many other programs. I heard St Luke's Community Center emergency food box requests, which are filled with food supplied by Second Harvest, had doubled to 40 per week in September, and in one day near Thanksgiving, they received 48 phone calls in just one day for emergency food aid. And they only serve the zip codes around them, so they're only fulfilling the needs in their neighborhood -- it must be worse at Martha Obrien and Bethlehem Center, where there's not an affluent neighborhood nearby to help.

      The problem is that families are only permitted one emergency food box per month, with a maximum of maybe 6 per year? And the churches require proof of zip code, so you can't just go from one center to another, month after month, collecting food boxes.

      I'm guessing people turn to the churches. I know one church that's in the suburbs but on the bus line gives Kroger gift cards to anyone who walks through the door. I know the church, but I think the program is sufficiently well-funded. Wish I could steer you to another. I bet Second Harvest could tell you which churches can help people when they have run out of "food box" food.

      Rescue Mission is also a good charity -- it serves those who really have no other resource. I'm guessing they get their food from Second Harvest. Still, their overhead in preparing in distributing the food will have to be covered.

      I know someone somewhere is grateful for your generous spirit. Thanks for the inspiration.

      1. You may want to think outside the bureaucratic box, for lack of better terms and reach out to the Nashville Urban Harvest.