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Dec 9, 2008 10:27 AM

Sushi near Chinatown/Theater district?

I'm taking my daughter out to see Chicago this weekend for her b-day and promised a nice sushi meal first. I've never had sushi in that part of town, and wondered what places hounds recommended?


Sci Chick

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  1. Depending on your budget you can do very high end Oishi on Washington, Douzo on Dartmouth or cheaper Ginza in Chinatown. Oishi and Douzo are both really south end. The best sushi is Oishi, but it is very different from its sister Oishi in Chestnut hill. I hope you really appreciate fish if you do oishi. If you are a tempura and terriaki fan please do Ginza.

    1. Suishaya in Chinatown has great sushi... my favorite place in Boston.

      1. No sushi on Sunday; but on Sat; Montien, a Thai restaurant on Stuart St serves good quality sushi/sashimi at reasonable prices.

        1. O Ya - hands down! and it's only about a ten min walk to theatre dist.

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            O Ya looks wonderful and reviews on the board are certainly very positive. A bit out of our price range for this event, though. Probably will try Ginza, unless anyone advises strongly against.

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              I have had consistently good sushi at Ginza. It's pretty standard but I have always found the fish to be very fresh.

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                Ginza is a good choice, especially for a mother-daughter dinner.

            2. Quick report back: We ended up going to Ginza and it was great. A bit cold inside (the manager said one of the ducts wasn't working!), but the sushi was straight ahead good...made with love. Not Oishi level, but very serviceable and fresh, with reasonable prices. Service was outstanding. The only downer was the salads. Their tahini dressing is great, but the greens were sitting in a pool of water....yuck. But the way I figure, if the worst thing about a sushi place is their salad, I don't have much to complain about!

              Thanks for the rec hounds!