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Dec 9, 2008 10:27 AM

Coffee in Gaslamp

We (me, husband, 7 year old) are staying at Hotel Solamar over Christmas week. The restaurant at the hotel serves breakfast and I'm sure it's yummy, but it's also nice to have some quicker, cheaper options. It's usually just my son and me for breakfast, so we're looking for nearby. Are there any good coffee shops or diners or something similar within a few blocks? I'm looking for a quick walk.

I'm sure we'll try the hotel once or twice and we'll all get to Cafe 222 once or twice, but I'd also like to be able to run out for a muffin and a latte.

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  1. Try the Mission Cafe on 13th and J--outstanding French toast and full breakfast options or just sit down table service for coffee an and a muffin--about a 6 or 7 block walk from your hotel....also try Zanzibar for breakfast--on 7th and G.......if it truly is just coffee and a muffin you want, you can head over to It's a Grind Coffee shop on 10th and J.

    1. If you want a basic diner style breakfast try The Grand Central Cafe at the YMCA building at the corner of Broadway & India. Service is quick and friendly; food is good and you will get lots of it! Its also a good place for lunch. Very popular with the locals.

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        Grand Central is very good, but original poster asked for nearby and it would be a good 15 minute walk (with a 7 year old, more like 20 minutes).

      2. Zanzibar has pretty good coffee, and their breakfasts and pastries are really delicious. Enjoy.