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Dec 9, 2008 10:23 AM

I need Chemicals for "Spherification"

I want to try out the technique of spherification, which means i need to find chemicals like; calcium chloride, xantham gum, alginate, sodium citrate, and H2O (i apologize, a joke...) any ideas of where to find these things? Im a little impatient so id like to find a store in the LA area and not wait for them to be shipped on-line.

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  1. Xantham gum can be found at whole foods, calcium chloride at your local brew shop or a compounding pharmacy, the sodium alginate and citrate I'm not sure where to find locally. I would not buy any of the branded el bulli, etc. versions of these chemicals though as they are super-overpriced. Instead just search for suppliers of USP versions (e.g. "sodium citrate, USP"). You can even get free samples of sodim citrate from Archer Daniels Midland

      1. You can find everything that you need for spherification on . They are located in Las Vegas, NV and are very good about shipping.

        1. check surfas in culver city--i know i saw several of those there a few weeks ago.

          1. Surfas has many products for m.g., although in small packs and the prices are high.
            The best prices and variety are here :
            That site is a real find for molecular gastronomy powders...