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I need Chemicals for "Spherification"

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I want to try out the technique of spherification, which means i need to find chemicals like; calcium chloride, xantham gum, alginate, sodium citrate, and H2O (i apologize, a joke...) any ideas of where to find these things? Im a little impatient so id like to find a store in the LA area and not wait for them to be shipped on-line.

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  1. Xantham gum can be found at whole foods, calcium chloride at your local brew shop or a compounding pharmacy, the sodium alginate and citrate I'm not sure where to find locally. I would not buy any of the branded el bulli, etc. versions of these chemicals though as they are super-overpriced. Instead just search for suppliers of USP versions (e.g. "sodium citrate, USP"). You can even get free samples of sodim citrate from Archer Daniels Midland http://www.admworld.com/naen/productd...

      1. You can find everything that you need for spherification on www.chefrubber.com . They are located in Las Vegas, NV and are very good about shipping.

        1. check surfas in culver city--i know i saw several of those there a few weeks ago.

          1. Surfas www.surfasonline.com has many products for m.g., although in small packs and the prices are high.
            The best prices and variety are here : http://www.lepicerie.com/catalog/inde...
            That site is a real find for molecular gastronomy powders...

            1. Surfas in Culver City was having a molecular gastronomy workshop today, including a demo of spherification...so I would guess they probably have everything necessary - it would be worth a shot!

              1. Calcium chloride... you can buy that at any pharmacy... they sell that as a supplement for bone health. You'll probalby just need to pulverize it to dust in a food processor.

                1. Froma on Melrose had them the last time I checked.