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Pizzeria Mozza TONIGHT for my FIRST TIME! (so let's play a game!)

CH – I need you! I just got a reservation for Pizzeria Mozza TONIGHT. While I’ve never been, I’ve been drooling over all your reviews for the past two years or so and now, in my time of need, I’m calling on you for help!

So let’s play a game. EVERYTHING on the menu looks good to me and obviously, I can’t order it all (I wish), so instead, how about you choose for me?

To start: fried squash blossoms, Mozza caprese, OR mussels al forno?

A pizza for me: goat cheese/bacon, clam/garlic, OR squash blossom/burrata?

A pizza for my friend (she has what I like to call “white bread tastebuds”): margarita OR Bianca?

Dessert: butterscotch buddino OR caramel copetta?

Feel free to suggest any other things you think I should try. Thanks in advance! I’ll let you all know how it goes!

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  1. Here's how I would do it:

    Starter: Fried Squash Blossoms
    Pizza (for you): Clam
    Pizza (for her): Bianca
    Dessert: Butterscotch Buddino

    Let us know how it goes!

    1. squash blossoms
      you: clam
      her: margarita
      dessert: buddino

      1. ate there recently and the squash blossoms are seriously to die for. but so is the fresh burrata. both are so delicious i would probably forego one pizza (if i had to!) for an additional antipasti on my next trip.
        our table ordered the fennel sausage, guanciale and fresh egg, some sort of meaty thing with spicy peppers and the squash blossom pizzas. they were all good in their own ways but i wouldn't say any of them were must-have items, aside from the unbelievably delicious crust.

        i also have to second the recommendation of the budino.

        1. I will always recommend the Clam pie. Always! I wish I had two right now.

          1. Squash Blossoms
            Goat Cheese Bacon -- TDF -- I'm not a huge clam pizza person

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              I second this entire menu, as I'm not a huge clam fan either, but I'm sure if you like clams then that is a great pie.

              I love, love, LOVE the Bianca.

              Regardless, you HAVE to get the Budino. I would marry it if I could! ;-)

            2. The mussels al forno was the best thing I had there.

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                I agree. But so were the chicken liver crostini, winter caprese and the pizzas!

              2. The Arancine. You have to get these rice balls as an appetizer.

                1. the fried squash blossoms are great. the burrata is delicious. but...you have to get the fennel sausage pizza. unbelievably tasty.

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                    What's the hype over the squash blossoms? I found them too oily and not that flavorful. I've had other versions and found them equally oily and bland. I appreciate fried foods as much as the next person, but fried squash blossoms seem to absorb much more oil in all the nooks and crannys than other foods. I think people want to like them because they're a bit of a novelty.

                    As far as pizzas go, my favorite is the one with egg & bagna cauda (which, both times I had it, was slightly underseasoned so a light sprikling of salt was necessary).

                    1. re: soniabegonia

                      I've actually been eating squash blossoms for decades....I wouldn't consider them 'a bit of a novelty at all.
                      They're a traditional food item used in southern and Italian and Mexican cooking and, of course, Native American.
                      Mozza, in my opinion, does a wonderful job with them....

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                        Totally agree, the squash blossoms are far too greasy, they practically spurt oil.

                        The classic margarita is the way to go. Or the house secret is to order the bianca with fennel sausage.

                        You can't beat the budino. I personally love the copetta but many friends find it too sweet. Avoid the gelatto pie -- it always sounds way better than it is. I've had the banana, coconut, pumpkin and mint and they are all kind of tasteless.

                        1. re: friedegg67

                          Concur. Bianca with Fennel Sausage is currently my favorite pizza ANYWHERE.


                    2. Mozza is more about the antipastis than the pizzas, which are good, but how much can you really do with pizza? The crusts are different, and I think very good. I've been a couple of times with numerous friends who wanted to try a lot of things and so have sampled a lot off the menue. The two pizzas people loved the best by far were the one with the egg on it (forget the name, but it's the only one), and the clam pizza. But the appetizers really make the meal. Best I tried were the tuna (out of this world!), the chicken liver bruschetta (the white bean is okay, but not as good as the chicken liver), the fried goat cheese (awesome) and bone marrow (very rich). What we didn't like so much was the egg plant appetizer.

                      Get one pizza and splurge on the appetizers!!!

                      1. The one with the egg has guanciale, raddichio and bagna cauda (sp?). I was there the other night and quite honestly was underwhelmed with this pizza.

                        Starter: Arancini and chicken Liver Crostini
                        Pizza: Mushroom, Salumisalami and Fresno chili, Bianca (share them and take the leftovers home to reheat in toaster over)
                        Dessert: butterscotch budino - this is a must

                        FYI - the La mozza wine that Batali and Bastianch started to distribute from their vineyard retails at K&L Wine for about $17. They charged us almost triple the price at Mozza. Quite a substantial markup if you ask me.

                        1. 1. Squash blossoms
                          2. Goat Cheese/bacon
                          3. Margarita
                          4 Butterscotch buddino

                          1. Squash blossoms
                            Goat cheese/bacon
                            Caramel Copetta
                            AND if you don't try the beets with horseradish you'll be doing yourself a huge disservice :).

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                            1. re: latindancer

                              this place is great, have u tried abbots?

                            2. What'd you end up ordering?

                              1. I know I am late, but we went for the first time for my birthday in October. I have to say while the pizza was good (bianca with fennel sausage added) I was very impressed with the appetizers - VERY. My favorite was the roasted olives which I could eat forever and a day (and then add another day to that). The next would be the blossoms (I thought they needed a little salt) and third the liver crostini (since I am not a big liver fan). The mozza caprese looked so good and everyone seemed to get that salad either mista or chopped - cannot be sure. Next time I go, I think I will forego the pizzas alltogether and stick with a bunch of apps. We had two great wines - Garganega and Sangiovese/Alicante. The budino was also great.
                                We had fantastic service from a very knowledgeable waiter and had an absolutely lovely time. I cannot wait to return.

                                1. I went two nights ago for my 2nd visit and I think it will be my last. Mozza is good but WAY overhyped and the service was horrible on this visit. We had reservations but ended up waiting about 25 minutes despite them. Our server forgot my pizza and a companion's side order, then made up some lie that he didn't hear the order originally (even though he corrected me on the correct menu name). Towards the end of the meal he was too busy chatting it up with another table to bother with us

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                                    I'm sorry to hear that. I go to P Mozza about once every other week since it opened and obviously I love it. You should really let the management know about your bad experience because I guarantee it's an aberrant situation.

                                  2. No love for the cauliflower gratin on here? Soooo good. Also just the Pane Bianco is fantastic. Duck with lentils and lasagna are also excellent.

                                    1. Squash blossoms and sausage fennel pizza.