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Dec 9, 2008 09:31 AM

new pizza in park slope

I know the pizza topic has been done to death, but I wanted to weigh in on a new pizza joint that opened where pizza by the park used to be - Villa Rustica. we ordered for delivery, and were seriously impressed. Tomato and Basil was our favorite slice until we tried this one. (And of course we've always been fans of la villas grandma's pizza).
Anyone else try it and have comments?

(promise i'm not a spammer - i'm a foodie lawyer who lives in the hood and liked it so much I had to post!)

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  1. that's great to hear. I live in Prospect Heights and have not been able to find a good delivery pizza spot, Amorina can be pricey and Antonio's is plain bland. I've tried Tomato and Basil and found it horrible, too much doughy crust, but would be willing to try out Villa Rustica. Can you describe the pizza at all? Was it crispy? Good sauce? Cheese? Did you order a plain?


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      I'm a big crust girl. For example, I love La Villa's crust because its crisp and not too doughy (even their deep dish) and is perfectly seasoned with salt.
      My favorite crust ever is at Eddie's in New Hyde Park - it's like thinner than cardboard. Tastes so good.

      Sorry, got distracted there, Villa Rustica is crisp, medium thickness (It was definitely less doughy than T&B). The seasoning of the crust was probably what made this pizza so outrageous that I had to post - perfect salt AND garlic. So subtle until you realize what it is!

      The cheese and sauce weren't exactly memorable, which is a good thing. Not too much if I recall correctly (ie not overdone on the sauce or cheese which ruins a good slice). We had pepperoni and brocolli (a most delicious combination I swear).

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        I have not tried Villa Rustica, but I know where it is: on 3rd Street in Park Slope, just behind Stone Park on Fifth Ave.

      2. I believe that it is actually the same owners as pizza by the park, but they closed for a while, put in a brick oven, and upgraded the interior.

        I haven't tried yet, but now I will. Do you think is better than La Villa?

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          i hope it's not the same owners as pizza by the park, that place was a dump and had some of the worst health code violations I've ever heard of....

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            different experience - i cant really say - depends if you want "slice-y" pizza or gourmet-y pizza. we'd never go to la villa just for pizza.

            1. re: gfood

              Just to let you know gfood... It is not the previous owners that was formally known as "Pizza by the park". It is an Italian family owned and operated business.

              They indeed update the ambiance of the store, by putting in a brick oven stove and updated the interior and exterior of the store!!!

              You have to try it!!! There Pizza is out of this world!!! And YES!!!! It is alot better then La Villa!!!!

              1. re: gfood

                The pizza does sound great, but just so you know - it isn't a brick oven, It's a regular high temp oven with brick around the sides just for looks! Ah, what a place needs to do to get attention from foodies!

              2. We had a large pie, 1/2 mushroom 1/2 pepperoni, delivered to Sackett St. a few days ago and it was pretty decent, especially for $15. Villa Rustica has now gone to the top of our list for delivery pizza (ahead of Tomato and Basil despite T&B's relative proximity).

                1. FYI : we had it again this time with the thin crust - not as good as the regular pie.
                  I love thin crust but it lost alot of the flavor of the regular crust.