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Dec 9, 2008 09:31 AM

peppermint extract TODAY in philly

any recommendations for a spot where a lady could get peppermint extract/oil/flavoring this evening? not out of the office til 6, so can't go to reading terminal market (the only spice spot i have visited since moving 4 months ago).

i should add, im looking for the highest quality extract i can find...

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  1. Might check with Fosters Homeware at 4th and Market - I know they carry vanilla extract and sprinkles and some other specialty food items - 215 925 0950

    1. Just today I read (in a non-food related context) getting Peppermint Oil at Whole Foods.

      You also might want to call and see if Fante's on 9th St. is open late since it is holiday season. They have a wide selection of cake/baking supplies and may have it.

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        i've spent toooo much time on the internets today: i know the post you're talking about! :)

      2. I have friends and clients that grow and distill it in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. If you would like a 50 gallon drum at approx $30 per pound let me know :). Actually one is selling it in smaller quantities direct and trying to bypass the 2-3 middlemen.

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          sounds amazing. if i wasn't already set on making a ton of peppermint ice cream at home tonight, i would order the heck out of it.

          thanks everyone!