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Dec 9, 2008 09:30 AM

Sushi in Midtown on the Westside

any recommendations?? Not too expensive and good quality....thanks!

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  1. Our lunch and dinner go-to place is EAST on 55th between 8th and B'way, north side of the street. Good lunch specials. Fish is great, not sublime or earth shaking but the price reflects that. Huge turnover night and day, one of the big things I look for in a sushi restaurant and half the customers are asian. That speaks volumes as well. Not just sushi; bento boxes, noodles, stuff on rice and even Shabu-Shabu at dinner. There are a number of sushi restaurants on 55th and 56th both between 6th and 5th you can look at but we haven't done any of those in awhile, we live nearer to 9th so EAST works best in a pinch. For high-end sushi we travel farther afield or spend too much. Good luck!

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      Second the East recommendation. They have a revolving tray branch on the east side which is also good, but I prefer the one on the west side.

      There is a place called Momo Sushi on 56th and 8th but I would avoid that spot as it is Korean run, and is mediocre at best.