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Dec 9, 2008 09:24 AM

Great non-steakhouse steak option?

Hi, I'm organizing a business dinner, and have been put in charge of finding a non-steakhouse restaurant with fantastic steak on the menu. I need to limit the area to Manhattan. In addition to good food, I'd like a location with an atmosphere that is neither too stuffy nor too information.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I think most french restaurants offer incredible steaks, i personally love the steak frites at rue 57

    1. I'm reviving this post because I am curious about this very topic.

      It's the fiance's birthday and we are trying to refrain from the super splurge-y dinners these days. He wants a great what steaks do you love that aren't steakhouse steaks and in the moderately pricey range?


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        Since you're reviving the thread...I just happened to have a great steak at Po the other night - I ordered the skirt steak (medium rare) and it was absolutely terrific. I think skirt steak has a strong set of true believers but isn't one of those items that gets ordered very often because it seems to get overshadowed by other more popular cuts. For a non-steakhouse steak, it was fantastic. The price was very reasonable - I think maybe it was $22 or thereabouts. We had a glass of wine each, 2 entrees and shared dessert and it came to about $70 plus tip.

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          BLT Prime isn't really a steakhouse (thought close...) and their steaks are quite reasonable. The cheapest hanger steak is only $26. If you don't mind being at the lounge area of a steakhouse, Craftsteak is now doing "halfsteak" and the steak will only cause you $14.50.

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            We went to Perilla for my birthday, and their hanger steak is delicious - great sauce ($27), along with everything else. And I agree that most French restaurants have good steak frites - I've been into Cafe D'Alsace on the UES lately, they have steak frites as part of their very reasonable prix fixe menu...

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              I've had the hanger steak at Cafe d'Alsace, and it is very good.


          2. Morandi's Bistecca per due is incredible. A big plate of roasted potatoes, peppers and rosemary fragrant sliced porterhouse. $78, enough for three really. OMG.