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Dec 9, 2008 09:01 AM

Dewolfe Tavern

Last weekend, my husband and I were visiting Bristol, RI and decided to dine at the Dewolfe Tavern. We had read the reviews on this website along with others we had come across while browsing the internet. We were very excited to try this Indian inspired menu and the food did not disappoint. I recommend the lobster popover and the scallop entree if you go, because most likely the server will not. Unfortunately, our service at this cozy restaurant was below average. Our server tried to push us to order the filet mignon and the lobster after not being able to answer questions about some ingredients in the other dishes. Or because they wanted us to order the most expensive dishes on the menu. Either way, we felt an attitude that made us feel like second class diners the rest of the evening. Even when it was no fault of ours that they forgot to bring a spoon for my husbands soup and when we asked for bread (other tables around us had some). I am not one to usually care about the quality of service, but it certainly dampered what otherwise would have been an excellent experience.

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  1. weve sat at the bar a few times and had appies and it was the same thing,pushed out the door.the food is pretty amazing though,mussells are worth the trip there.the guys an awesome chef,they just need a little work on the front of the house.we'll keep going back just for the food though.Bristol has a couple of other great places too,Persimmon is great ,and Le central is really good too,the tapas menu is a good deal for the early birds.the new Aidains is really nice and sparkly,with a great line up of beers on tap,and a really good reuben and homemade chips too.

    1. The DeWolf Tavern is a place out of the ordinary than a regular tavern in the wonderful Bristol Area. It gives the other restaurants in the vicinity a bad name. Its service is terrible. My meal was interrupted several times when all me and my son were interested in was a peaceful meal. Our waiter was very ignorant in regards to the menu ingredients, specials, and selections. He had no idea what prices were for what or what meals had peanuts (which my youngest son is allergic too). I really expected more from this nicely located place.

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        I couldn't agree more. My family had Thanksgiving there. While the food was fabulous, the service was dismal. The host was having a full out spat with another employee, there was mass confusion over reservations, and we felt like they had totally overbooked and were trying to hustle us out. The whole vibe was a bit too self-important for us. Shame.