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Dec 9, 2008 08:42 AM

Driving to Montreal from Boston - need *great* cheap lunch

Hey everyone,
I do the drive from Boston to Montreal at least 4-6 times per year and usually stop for lunch in Burlington, VT (mostly because I don't know anywhere better!). I'd really appreciate some suggestions for places to eat for a quick lunch/dinner along the way on I-89 in VT and I93 in NH/MA. The way we drive, we'd like something close to the highway (not more than a 5 minute drive, without too many twists and turns!) and on the cheap. That would mean less than $10/pp for lunch and $15/pp for dinner. If we could get lunch recs in the north end of things (i.e. between Lebanon, NH and Burlington, VT) and dinner recs on the south end (i.e. between Lebanon, NH and Nashua, NH). As for food, we love everything (really, we'll eat anything that tastes good!) but would like to keep it somewhat light for the long trip (esp. for lunches, but not for the dinners).

Places I've found on the board that we're considering for this Thursday's trip are:
1. The Fort in Lebanon, NH
2. Peter Christian's Tavern in New London, NH

All help is appreciated and comments will be posted on spots we eat at...

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  1. Nader,
    You should try the Wayside in Berlin VT the exit right after Montpelier, I can't remember the exit # off I-89. It is about 5 min from 89 and is easy to get off and get back on. The wayside is a local insitiution for home cooking. They make all of their own desserts, rolls and other baked goods. The place is always busy but the wait is usually only 10 minutes or so but I think it is worth it. Whenver we are in the area we stop for lunch or dinner. I love it because I can get bread pudding with real whipped cream for $1.75 for dessert. Oh yeah the prices are very reasonable.

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    1. re: jscott65

      Montpelier is Exit 8. So Berlin would be Exit 9?

      1. re: Bri

        Headed south bound it would be Exit 7 if Montpelier is Exit 8

      2. re: jscott65

        I do this drive about twice a year, but I take 93 all the way to 91, then cut across in Canada. It's maybe 5 minutes longer, but I find I hit much less traffic at customs. And, then I can stop at the Littleton Diner in Littleton NH for delicious, cheap brunches in a great old diner car, and stop for dinner at the Miss Lyndonville Diner in Lyndonville, VT. Both are great, chow-worthy spots, and cheap.

      3. Thanks to Chowhound, I have come to find Red Hen Baking Company in Middlesex VT, less than a mile from Exit 9 off 89. Excellent for breakfast or lunch. Large selection of great breads, pastries, local cheeses, soups and sandwiches. You won't get far with $10/pp here unless you get creative and share a couple baguette's, and maybe a 1 1/2 lb. wheel of Grafton Village Cheese Classic Reserve Cheddar. I think they sell cured meats too. Worth the stop.

        1. Skip Peter Christian's and either hit up Jack's or the New London Inn (not sure if they do lunch) in New London. Jack's has great sandwiches and soup. I love the cosy atmosphere. As for dinner in Nashua, there is Peddler's Daughter for a decent gastropub and then there's Surf and Michael Timothy's for a very good meal. All of those places are in downtown Nashua.

          1. i love and always will love the seven barrell brewery in lebanon NH just over the ct river ff 89 when you leave VT. the food is not mind bending, but it is good. the beer, however...oohhh. maybe not where one would want to park themselves mid road trip, but they do offer a sampler of their in-house brewed lagers, ales, & stouts, and also growlers are available to set you up once you reach your destination.