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Dec 9, 2008 08:27 AM

Portuguese/Spanish Chourico

Anyone know where I can find this in Philadelphia? No success searching the Italian Market. I know there is a large Brasilian community in the Northeast, but have not had time to do a search. Any tips would be appreciated.

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  1. Don't know about Phil. but you can get it on line at Good stuff. Pricey.

    1. Downtown cheese in the Reading terminal Market carries Spanish Chorizo (it is the dry type)

      1. DiBruno's on Chestnut St. has a few options for Spanish chorizo - fancy stuff at the charcuterie counter (dry) as well as some good fresh chorizo at the meat counter (and even vacuum sealed in the refrigerated case). I've never seen the portuguese stuff in center city...maybe a trip to the NE is in store

        1. I assume you know that Spanish Chorizo is not the same as Portuguese Chorico. I have searched high and low for Linguica around here to no avail. Now I either make my own or get family in NE to send some. I do think there a cple of places in New Bedford or Fall River that will mail order the stuff to you

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            Linguica is basicly a milder version of chourico, which is a spicy/hot pork sausage.

            I am originally from PA, now living in NC. We don't have much of a Portuguese population here but for some reason I can find linguica in most grocery stores. Here, it's found in an unusual spot though. It's kept near the pre-packaged sliced luncheon meats, bacon, hotdogs, etc. It's not near the other fresh sausages. It's Gaspar's brand. You can order online at

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              Same thing in Florida, Lynn. It's easy to find there, but always near the hotdogs, etc.

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                Found packaged linguica and chourico at the Brasilian Store next to Picanha Grill in NE Phil. Clean, well organized shop w/ lots of fairly priced Brasilian/Portuguese ingredients including bacalhau and a butcher counter in the back. Will buy some sausage on my next trip out there and report back.

                To be continued...

          2. oddly enough I've encountered some at the Food Basics on frankford ave. (no really.) They have an interesting selection of spanish/mexican/hispanic items...queso fresco..full range of goya brands...etc. sorry, dont recall the brand.....

            also 6500 block of Castor near the Picanha grill.... sorry, here also I dont recal the names of the stores but there is a brazilian market just next door to Picanha;s as I recall...

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              the name of the market on Castor next to Picanha is called Bull Boi