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Dec 9, 2008 08:01 AM

Bachelorette Party - MLK weekend

Hello! I am planning a bachelorette party for about 15 girls over MLK weekend and would greatly appreciate a little guidance in choosing some dinner spots. For Saturday night, we're looking for a restaurant with a fun, lively atmosphere and good food that would be happy to accomodate our large (and probably a bit rowdy) group, with entrees in the $20-$30 range (although we are flexible). and for Sunday night, somewhere a bit more casual. Private rooms and/or family-style (or amenable to sharing) dining is a bonus. We're all in our mid-late 20s and mostly from NYC, and for many of us this will be our first visit to New Orleans. We'll be staying in the French Quarter, so we'd prefer to go somewhere walkable. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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  1. you might start w/some bubbles in the Seance Room at Muriel's, then go downstairs for dinner:

    or check out Maximo's private room upstairs w/balcony:

    or Dickie Brennan's has a great private room overlooking Iberville St.:

    then there's the wine room w/balcony at Carmelo's:

    nothing more festive than Galatorie's (and they know how to share a good time):

    on the casual side, Red Fish Grill, Side Bar, Coop's, Felipe's, House of Blues, Acme Oyster, Felix's, Johnny's Po Boys, and just reopened Stanley.

    if you are willing to take a walk to Rambla in the International Hotel, they could accommodate either night. the night I was there, there was a bachelorette party having dinner. and Loa is next door for drinks after dinner.
    just around the corner from IHH is Loft 523 with its "grotto" bar as well.

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      Thanks for the suggestions! I always hear about Galatoire's for Friday lunch... is Saturday dinner just as fun?

      1. re: jessup

        my wildest party was a Sunday night at Galatoire's...have fun!

    2. Galatoire's Dinner is not as lively as Friday lunch, but it is still alot of fun. Also, might want to call about the "no jeans" policy for the downstairs dining room if you know some of your friends will wear jeans out.
      Also Go to "The Goldmine" late night (after 1am) for raunchy old school booty shaking music and flaming dr. pepper's!

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        Ooo, I second the Goldmine for flaming'll be sure to run into plenty of eligible bachelors to keep your group entertained.

      2. I think Rambla is a great idea. They have big tables and tasty tapas to share. Our group of 10 had an excellent time. I seem to remember seeing a bachelor party at GW Fins in a private room. That may suit your needs too.

        1. It is not as nice as Galatoire's, but to me, the most fun restaurant in New Orleans is still Jacques-Imos. Most of the time Jacques is walking around with bottles of Bushmills doing rounds of shots with tables, very conducive to big/loud groups. We went there for a friends bachelor party and they gave us 2 bottles of patron and a round of champagne. The food is a bit heavy, but you will have A LOT of fun.

          Make sure you go to Pat O's Piano Bar also. Nothing more fun that singing Neil Diamond when hammered.

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          1. re: mikek

            We're planning on going to Jacques-Imos for dinner on Friday night, and your post got me really excited - thanks!

            1. re: jessup

              I'm part of the same bachelorette as Jessup...getting very excited for my first trip to NO! If we go to Jacques-Imo's on Friday night, will Galatoire's food be too similar for Saturday night? We definitely want to eat in or around the French Quarter on Saturday...

              1. re: sam920

                Jacques Imo's and Galatorie's are not similar in cuisine or ambience. Jacques is very casual, while Gal's is not. Both places will be fun with good food.
                Jacques will take reservations for parties of 5 or more...make one!
                Gal's will take reservations for upstairs dining,
                Have fun!

                1. re: sam920

                  While waiting for the table at Jacques, definitely check out the Maple Leaf right next door and Frenchy's art gallery across the street.

                  1. re: mikek

                    We definitely will, thanks! Can someone please weigh in on Commander's Palace for brunch on Sunday? We've heard great things, but the prices on their website are making me a little wary. Is it worth it? Do they let diners share or does everyone need to order their own appetizer/entree/dessert? Seems like a ton of food, especially for the morning after our planned Bourbon Street bar crawl...