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Dec 9, 2008 07:46 AM

Vail / Beaver Creek / Avon CO - where do the locals go?

Thanks to BlueOx for directing me to the Southwest board for questions on this area -

New Englander heading to Vail (technically Beaver Creek Resort) for the week for a friend's wedding - never been before, and looking at the posts, seeing lots of great recommendations for really nice high-end restaurants.

But I was wondering, where's the good chow that's a) where the local folks go to hide out from the tourists; b) where they DON'T have truffles, aioli or truffle aioli on the menu (not that there's anything wrong with that); c) where the food's super fresh, maybe leaning to being veggie-friendly without necessarily being fancy fine dining; d) any combination of the above?

Above all, I really would like to find places that are off the beaten track that a friend might tell me about, which Conde Nast(y) avoids.

Thanks in advance and happy to swap Boston knowledge in return. ;)

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  1. Hmmm, that cuts out a lot of the most excellent meals in the Valley. But, I'll take a shot.

    Route 66 Cafe
    Ti Amo
    Bookworm (Ok, they do have truffles on the menu but I love their crepes and the coffee is some of the best I've ever had, it's a book shop and cafe in one, open mostly for breakfast/lunch with occasional author signings)
    Swiss Dog
    Larkburger (yes, more truffles but these are some seriously good burgers with veggie options available)
    Eat (related to the often reviewed by me and others Dish but more casual panini, salad, cheese plate type place)
    Pazzos Pizza (it's pizza, I'm not a huge pizza person but this place is always packed in both Vail and Avon)

    1. Bob,
      Thanks for reposting your inquiry. Locals here can mean anything from ski bums to retired NYSE executives so its kind of hard to say a place is a locals hang out. An approach to getting a good meal at decent prices in the Eagle River Valley is to sit at the bar and order apps, soups and salad in the higher end places.

      Other than that, I'll try to list what I think are good value:
      Avon (lower Beaver Creek) - Ticinos (pizza), Blue Plate Bistro, Avon Bakery (sandwiches)
      Vail - Medical Center (go ahead a laugh), GoHanYa (sp), Los Amigos (great location), and Vendetta's (ski patrol hang out)
      Edwards - Eat (Drink and Dish), Fiestas, Mathews and Larkburger
      Eagle Vail - Ti Amo
      Minturn - Country Club, Kirby Comos BBQ and The Saloon (drinks and atmosphere only)

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      1. re: BlueOx

        Phil -- Tell us about Blue Plate Bistro and Mathews. Thanks in advance.

        1. re: ddavis

          DD, Blue Plate is reasonably priced breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its comfort food done well. The beef and pork mains are slow cooked and commonly shredded. The owner and chef was the exec chef at the Sonnealp. The place is nice but not upscale.

          I haven't been to Mathews, but first hand reports are good. Its the old Mustang with white tablecloths. They run lots of specials.

          1. re: BlueOx

            Thanks. I know where Mathews is, but where is Blue Plate?

      2. Hi Bob Dobalina! I know you!

        BlueOx, what do you mean Medical Center? I'm not laughing at all, just totally curious!

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        1. re: tatamagouche

          tatamagouche, yeah the Vail Medical Center has good food at a great price. Soups seem to be a specialty. If its a nice day you can sit on a patio on the south side of the building.

          DD, Blue Plate is in the Christy Lodge where the Nepal restaurant used to be.

        2. Hey everyone - thanks for all the recs -

          I did not realize or understand how "resort-y" the place is - I just had absolutely no appreciation for what this place is like, as I had only ever skied in New England, and there is just nothing like it in the East - in the end, we sort of felt compelled to dish out the cash for our chow - so due to that, along with a glowing recommendation by Vito at the Vail Tux Shop, we had a lovely dinner at Grouse Mountain Grill (highlights - lemon mascarpone in butternut squash soup, an enormous lamb shank and excellent quinoa and lime buttered snap peas under a fine piece of char).

          Also had a darn good cheeseburger at Sweet Basil in Vail Village.

          But we also enjoyed a couple of breakfast sandwiches (fresh cooked eggs, thick slices of black forest ham, very garlicy everything bagel) and a good salt bagel from Avon Bakery.

          My fiancee was particularly fond of the sliders she had the first night when she was recovering from a titch of altitude sickness, juicy and perfectly charred, courtesy of the Dusty Boot.

          And the bargain of the trip - a 6 piece tray of cinnamon buns from Safeway for $2.99 served as in-room breakfast each morning (nuked 20 secs is my rec) and fresh brewed coffee.