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Dec 9, 2008 07:20 AM

Kosher Truffle Paste

I am always impressed by the depth of knowledge of users on this board so here goes-
I recently worked at an exclusive resort in Israel where the chef introduced me to kosher truffle paste, which is bascially black truffles chopped up in olive oil. Does anyone know if it could be gotten here in the states?

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  1. This past summer I ate at the Prime Grill in NYC. One of the specials that night was a truffle risotto and it was delicious. It could be that they used the truffle paste you are talking about. Do you have an "in" there? Maybe they can help you.

    1. Whole foods has oregon black truffles for 20 dollars an ounce, well worth a homemade try.
      when your done take on of your fab photos and share with the rest of us.
      in fact if you are up for a trip to baltimore you are invited to experiment i will procure the truffle, I happen to have a beautiful kosher kitchen and a couple decent cookbooks.

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        I hate to be a downer, but I'd be concerned about botulism much the same as you would with garlic in olive oil. Maybe make your truffle paste to use right away, but not to store for longer terms.

        From what I understand, the botulism spores occur with the garlic because it's grown underground. So do truffles. It's a close enough association that I'd want to give it a pass.

        1. re: Leepa

          To be safe I'd use it right away. I did a medline search and found no references of botulism associated with truffles in the most recent comprehensive list of foods published, but it mentions mushroms. Granted, it was from 1994 and granted too, truffles are of very rare u$agge :). I'd probably use it right away, and... do not give it to children under a year of age.

      2. Susie, couldn't you just make the paste with the truffles and oil? Tell me when and I'll get the olive oil and the truffles. My wife and I will provide the kosher kitchen and the guests to enjoy the dinner :) My son can take the pictures and the recipe can make it to the next cookbook... we have and love them all! Chag Sameach!

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