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Dec 9, 2008 07:16 AM

Bloody Mary with Tequila

I have been designated the bloody mary maker for a holiday brunch this Saturday. The hostess has asked that I come up with a mix that incorporates Patron tequila instead of vodka (apparently this is the spirit of choice among some of the guests). I've never made bloody marys with tequila. Any suggestions?

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  1. Bloody Marias are pretty popular and well-known. I'd follow a standard Bloody recipe, maybe add some jalapeno and orange, and kick up the lime. Be advised that the Patron's flavor will be demolished by the spices/juices. You could definitely use a cheaper 100% agave.

    1. Patron is way to nice a tequila to be putting it in a bloddy maria. You should certainly use a cheaper tequila for this.

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        well its certainly way too *expensive* to use in bloodly marys. I would go with budget 100% agave like cazadores or hornitos

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          Good advice. I wasn't buying the spirits anyway - I just had to make the mix. After all that, the party hostess used vodka and a pre-made mix which was actually really good. I saved all my ingredients though and will make Bloody Marias over the holidays (not with Patron).