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Dec 9, 2008 06:51 AM

Sushi, Indian or Pho near 15th and G?

Hey, I am working near the whit house and was looking for a good sushi place, an indian place or pho near by. Any suggestions?

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  1. Naan and Beyond isn't bad for what it is. over by L and 19 there's Asia Bistro and Nooshi.

    the by-the-pound sushi buffet in the Press Club food court (part of the Soho market) can be hit or miss - and they will make to orders, but over-sized pieces that often lean towards the gimmicky. AOI sushi up at 11th between H and NY Ave.

    <edit> forgot about Cafe Asia at 17 and I - but it's so freakin' loud.

    1. I think the closest Pho is over on L Street, at 19th. It's not as good/authentic as Pho75 on Wilson Blvd, but good in a pinch. Go at 11:50 if you want to get a table. Or after the lunch rush.