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Dec 9, 2008 06:40 AM

Any advice on pairing chocolate with wine?

I am new to this blog. I am looking for ideas on pairing chocolate with wine. I have read so much on food pairing, but not chocolate pairing.
Can anyone suggest either a book, or website for info?

thanks for any feedback

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  1. Don't look at me -- aside from Banyuls, I don't think wine and chocolate work together. YMMV

    1. The only book that I know that talks about wine (beer) and chocolate pairings is Andrew Garrison Shotts book Making Artisan Chocolates, and it gives decent advice. The best one is to try everything. Because wine is a balance between acidity, sugar and aromas, the affects on a particular chocolate can vary from producer, even year to year.

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        Thank you for the advice. I have heard that some people prefer chocolate with wine....
        I will get his book.


        1. re: reachthemcneals

          What Zin said too.

          Chocolate and red wine rarely work, and when they do, it's never a great pairing. The sweetness of the chocolate kills any pairing, generally -- the wine tastes sour as a result.

          However, I have had successful pairings of dark chocolate with Malmsey Madeira, PX Sherry -- my favorite is probably Venerable, and Vintage Port. Banyuls also. These wines can handle the modicum of sugar found in dark chocolate.

          1. re: maria lorraine

            Is it just the sugar in chocolate that clashes with wine, or is it the incredibly strong tannins? I find dark chocolate just coats my entire mouth with powerful tannins; my favourite drink of choice between bites of chocolate is actually water!

            On the other hand, some incredibly sweet desserts (i.e. creme brulee) are not all that difficult to bear with wine, despite the high sugar content.

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              Thank you for the information. It was very helpful.

              Michele McNeal

          1. re: vinosnob

            Yup, I'm with Zin and vinosnob as well....does nothing for the wine

            1. Amedei chocolate from Italy (Toscano Red) with Portugal's Douro Valley Port Wine.