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Dec 9, 2008 06:23 AM

Lunch/Brunch Brookline Village in January

Good Morning. Going to the Puppet Showplace Theatre for a 1:00PM performance and looking to go for a pre-performance meal closeby with a very well-behaved 6 year-old. The Theatre is at 32 Station St, and would prefer someplace where we could park once and walk to both. Lunch or Brunch, either would be great. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Koo koo's is right up the street from there. A little hidey-hole with sandwiches, soups, baked-goods, and the eponymous Kookoo, a Morrocan (I think ) quiche-like thingie...
    Maybe too low key?
    You can also walk two blocks to go to Brookline Family Restaurant (Turkish) or Sichuan Garden (excellent Sichuan)....

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    1. I've never been, but have heard good things about the New England Soup Factory across the street from the theater... maybe that would be a good choice if its a cold day! Also, would have to second Brookline Family, though it may be too much food before a show...

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        Brookline Family has sandwiches, soups, appetizers; you don't have to have the roast lamb!

      2. The Village Smokehouse is right around the corner. It might be a good place for a 6 year old - checkered tablecloths, plenty of noise, kid friendly eats. I second the suggestion of Kookoo too - but it's very small and might be crowded at that time of day. There is also a Bertucci's right across the T tracks from the theater. Kids always like that place.

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              Agreed! But it is kid friendly.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. La Morra does (or used to do) brunch. We took kids there and they were very accommodating, including making regular french toast for my son. The prices were good too. If you go, you must have the doughnuts! I would go for this option if you want good quality food and a place you can hang out at. I've tried all of the alternatives (except Orinoco) and I would this is probably the best -- Kookoo is a cafe (as is the Soup Factory), the Family Diner has great Turkish food (huge quanities) but the ordinary breakfast food is pretty mediocre, even bad at times (awful coffee), so unless your kid is adventurous, it's probably not a great choice. Mike Murphy's also does brunch. Bertucci's is the safe, kid-friendly option. There's also a Starbuck's, but it gets pretty crowded.