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Dec 9, 2008 05:19 AM

Afternoon teas, central/south London

Any suggestions? I'm not looking for something as fusty as a hotel cream tea, I was hoping for something a little more youth-y/hip. Somewhere that doesn't just serve tea as well as my dining partner doesn't drink it, but still has your wide range of pastry/creamy foodstuffs with a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. I know there's Yauatcha in Soho but I was wondering if there was anywhere else?

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  1. Tea Palace on Westbourne Grove

    1. Sotheby's Auction House has a nice, cosy place for tea. It's not really all that fussy and the price always looked like a good one compared to some of the more expensive places like Brown's Hotel. You could call to check what else is offered in the way of drinks. I'm sure they have coffee and other things.

      1. Haven't been for a while, but the Wolesley afternoon tea was enjoyed equally by me and my 25 yr old daughter... Me for the tea and scones (and reasonable prices) and she for the glam factor.

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          A hotel afternoon tea that is not fusty can be had at the Haymarket and Charlotte St Hotels (and others in the Firmdale group). We had traditional sandwiches with scones, cake and cupcakes at the Haymarket and would be able to accommodate other drinks.

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            I second this. You can have afternoon tea for about £17.50 and your dining partner can order something else from their extensive menu.

          2. What about the Mandeville? It is a hotel, but it's definitely more modern than the Ritz or the Dorchester. They do regular, Christmas and mens' afternoon teas.