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Dec 9, 2008 05:06 AM

Where to get Chrismas Cake (Fruitcake) in Toronto

Usually I make my own fruitcake for the season, but this year I have no time and need to buy one. I prefer dark cake with lots of fruit-I checked out Loblaws but didn't see any that looked anywhere close to homemade. Any suggestions as to where to get one? Downtown Toronto would be preferred, but I am prepared to go anywhere in the city!

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  1. try st lawrence market on saturday (north market) there are stalls that sell seasonal foods, and i remember buying christmas cake there a few years ago. it was excellent...lots of rum.

    1. My wife says both that the fruitcake and the Christmas pudding she had last year from Brick St Bakery were the best she has ever tasted. She grew up with grandma baked fruitcakes in England and described the cakes from Brick St as better. (You must steam the pudding at home.)

      I don't like most fruitcakes, including "good" ones, since I enjoy raisins and currents only in spicy foods and can't stand day glo anything. So I'm not speaking from personal experience.

      1. Try Holt Renfrew, was in there yesterday and they've got lots of good stuff from England, home of the best fruitcake!

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          Puseteria's also has a nice selection. Although it looks good, I couldn't say if it tastes good.

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            If you go to Pusateri's, look for fruitcake made by Grandma Deb's (http://www.grandmadebs.com/). She had a booth at One Of A Kind and it was really delicious. Heavy on rum and raisins (not dayglo). I bought a bunch at the show.

            I also tried the PC seasonal item Whiskey Fruitcake from Scotland. It was alright though very light on the alcohol.

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              I had Grandma Deb's at One of a Kind. I was NOT impressed. It had more cake than I'd like, and all the fruit was small which led to a very crumbly texture. Even if you omit the dayglo cherries, it needs something with a bit of a larger size for good texture between the items (Alton Brown's recipe included apricots for just this reason, full size pecan halves work in other versions too). Grandma Deb's also lacked spicing. Especially absent was any sort of gingeriness.

              I would not rate the product better than some of the best commercially available options in stores -- decent, not good.

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            Passed by the Holt's on Bloor. They had two types left , both over priced at more than $30 per small cake and the ingredient list was uninspiring being mainly derivatives of sugar...

          3. From Loblaws the brand labeled 'Southern Comfort(?)' or something similar is decent (not good -- decent). Dark, moist, rich -- you must like pecans though.

            Otherwise, I would second the idea of the Brick Bakery one. I have not had their Christmas cake. But, their Plum Pudding was exceptionally good.

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              Visited a restaurant on Laird the other day called Marvelous Edibles. Based on their banana cake and their rice pudding (both quite amazing and made on site), the fruit cake that I saw they had for sale should also be good.

            2. I was at Whole Foods the other day and they had a nice selection too. There was one for around $15 that had lots of nuts and fruits on top. Good presentation for serving to guests. Loblaws had one by Weston Bakery for $15 that didn't look too bad either.

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                I second the Whole Foods suggestion. i was there the other day and they were sampling a fruitcake that was delicious. Sadly, I didn't notice the brand.


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                  On the suggestion of Atahualpa above I picked up some Loblaw's "Southern Pride", Old Georgian style fruit cake. It is very good, crammed with raisins and glaced fruit. (Soaking it with a little Cognac might be considered gilding the lily, but I'm going to try).
                  It is also quite pricey at over $7.00 for a 500 gram slab.
                  If anyone knows where to find a dark traditional Christmas style fruit cake I would still be interested.
                  Thank you Atahualpa for the Loblaw's suggestion.

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                    was at st l market yesterday and bought a nice looking (i havent eaten any) christmas cake, good size $12 and it was homemade, not in a factory by machines.

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                      Thank you ribboy. I went and bought some yesterday. Close but still not the real dark Christmas cake. It is more of a heavy fruit cake, certainly homemade, but make with glaced fruit and a light cake mixture.
                      Still looking for the real thing!

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                        Try Summerhill Market. They have 3 different sizes, priced at $22, $30 and $35. I know, not cheap, but it is extremely dark in color, beautifully decorated and comes boxed with a satin bow. I'm not in to xmas cake so haven't tried it, but knowing them, it will taste wonderful.

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                          Just a tad too pricey for me.
                          Sobey's is now selling theirs half price. ( $6 for a decent slab)