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Dec 9, 2008 04:45 AM

Late night coffee/snack in NODA (Charlotte)

I'll be in the NODA area this Saturday, and need to find a spot for a decent cup of coffee/snack before heading out on a long drive. The time will probably be after 11:00 pm. I'm hoping to find something better than highway rest stop sludge!

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  1. We had a good cup of coffee at Beaudreaus' Saturday night. It is in the heart of NODA and I am sure open past 11:00 on a Saturday. And just across the street is Smelly Cat Coffee, .

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    1. re: Sam at Novas

      The mini corn dogs at Sanctuary are a nice snack, and instead of a coffee just get a jager bomb!

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            If u need to ask, chances are u don't need to know.