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STANTON-new uppereastside hip spot!

Just tried out this new spot on 79th and 2nd-in space where Santa Fe used to be. Husband and wife team with former chef from Felidia's opened last night. Venue consists of small plates with full bar and wine service. Food was very good. My companion started with goat cheese and beets which he loved. I had the fried oysters which were dusted lightly with rice flour and fried served w a dab of wasabi. Our main couses consisted of a very good rendition of sliced skirt steak served over fried rice w a teriaki like sauce. Companion had the carbonera which I would have ordered another serving if it wasn't for the fact I am watching my figure for upcoming Holidays! Also had a serving of the truffled mashed potatoes-deeeeeelish! Will be back to revisit Stanton and his lovely wife Raquel's restaurant and taste more of chef's Peter's fab cooking!!

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  1. I'm always looking for good places in that neighborhood. What were the prices like?

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      Dinner for two with three drinks each plus tip about $150 total-BUT WE ATE AND DRANK ALOT!! plates ranged about $7-$19 depending on what u got. IMHO very reasonable

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        wasnt all that expensive. Spent like 60 bucks on a evening for 2

      2. A small-plate bar named Stanton?
        Any relation to the (almost) similarly-named one downtown?

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          I'm 99.9% sure its not-Owner of this new place is named Stanton-that's his real first name-try it-you will love food.

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            Thanks. it's nice to know of a good dining option in the UES.

        2. If I remember correctly, Stanton and his wife worked at the nearby Uva.

          Does anyone have contact info for the place?

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            yes I do, I happened to pick up a card when I stopped by last night

            244 East 79th Street (Between 2nd and 3rd)
            New York, NY 10021


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                How was the room? Am considering this for an upcoming date.

                Rezzies needed? Taken??

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                  upon entry there is a bar that is pretty good size. the back room consists of communal bar type tables which would work well for a date-not intrussive at all but the rest of the room is filled with tables that would be more of a date type setting. I always rather dine at "bar" type dining in any case-I think reservations would be wise .244 East 79th Street (Between 2nd and 3rd)
                  New York, NY 10021