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Dec 8, 2008 10:29 PM

Vancouver - Chinese

We're spending the weekend in Vancouver and would like some great Chinese food. We're pretty adventurous eaters, and would prefer more authentic and traditional than the 'Americanized' fare we usually end up with in Seattle. We're staying at the Listel on Robson, so anything within walking distance is preferred, but have a car if there's a can't miss.

On another topic, I've eaten at Guu - any other recommended izakaya I should try? Thanks.

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  1. The better ones right downtown are Kirin (Alberni) and Imperial. I also like Shanghai Chinese Bistro (though it has been a while for me). But if you really want the real deal, the suburbs of Richmond and Burnaby are the places to go. Richmond for its high-end Cantonese and dim sum ( and a good smattering of other regional Chinese cuisines) and Burnaby for the smaller and very authentic places such as The Xiang (now Alvin Garden - for Hunan) and Szechuan House. The Burnaby restos are easily accessible by Skytrain from downtown.

    On Izakaya - Hapa, Kingyo, Zakkushi...have you been to the other Guu's?

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      I second Kirin (alberni location) and hapa and kingyo!!