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Raleigh: New on Peace St.: Village Kabob

I drove by the old Las Cascadas/Brisas De Acapulco location just West of Glenwood today. There has been a bit of construction there the last few months. They have finally posted a sign in the window:

Village Kabob
Afghan Cuisine

No opening date posted, but soda vendor truck was there so I suspect soon!

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  1. nice! I really, really hope that they have more than just kabobs but have actual afghan specialties like qabili pallaw, mantu, bulanee katchalu, and kadu. yum.

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      Yes, that would be wonderful!

      I pass that way a bit, so will keep an eye out for a posted menu and update this thread.

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        I passed that place yesterday. I'm hoping falafel and grilled chichen kabobs are NOT on the menu. Real Afghani food? Here? I sure hope so!

      2. Well, the paper is down from the windows, some lights are on...but so far no posted hours or menu.

        1. Drove by yesterday and they are finally open! Wow, that took some time...

          I'll try to get the hours and hopefully try it soon.

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            A friend and I ate there last weekend; he had a kabob combo (3 different meats, bread, and a side salad), I had a dish with ground beef, onions, and chickpeas in dumplings, with a yogurt sauce. We were both very happy with our meals. A little more than half of the entrees were kabob dishes. Prices were around $9-14, with generous portions. Several vegetarian side dishes and bread are offered as well. I plan on going back very soon.

            I asked the man behind the counter about the delay in opening. He said they had been waiting on the cook.

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              Thanks for filling in on the back story!

              Did you notice the days/hours that they are open?

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                They didn't have hours on the door, but they were open last Saturday at ~2:00pm, and they have been open at dinner time when I've driven by on weekdays

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                  I read that they will remain open until 3AM on the weekends for the late night GloSo crowd.


                  Here's the article, complete with a photo of the menu.

          2. I'm eating the mantu right now! Ground meat, chickpeas in dumplings, yogurt sauce. Wow, it's great! A bit spicy, a bit lemony, a bit minty. Very complex flavors. Huge portion! I think there were 12 dumplings on my plate. As I was waiting, I was talking to the man I think is the owner. They make their own yogurt, bread, etc. The service was great. The food is fantastic. I've had a number of friends eat there and also give it rave reviews! If you're in the area, you've got to try it!

            Village Kabob
            805 W Peace St, Raleigh, NC 27605

            1. I have eaten there 4 times now, and I strongly recommend it. The food is wonderful and fresh. Yes, the yogurt and bread are scratch made. They also said that the meats are Halal certified and locally sourced. I know that kabobs seem so plain, but they really are excellent. The chicken is so moist and tender, and the lamb was up there with some of the best lamb I've ever eaten in my life. My favorite though is the pumpkin stew. I'd heartily recommend it. The owner(s) are incredibly friendly and very proud of their afghan heritage. I hope they make it. They're good people and opening an Afghan restaurant is a gutsy move.

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                  I will have to agree that this place is fantastic. I have had the mantu and the lamb kebobs. Both were wonderful. The lamb was cooked perfectly and the mantu was just a melting pot of flavor. I would rank the lamb up there with some of the best I have had. The owners are super friendly and they want you to be happy. Their stews are also fantastic. The only negative that I have found is that you are eating with paper plates, but that is a very easy thing to get over. I have been 3 times in the last week.

                2. I finally had a chance to try it. All of the folks working there are very enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable. Perhaps it is a family business?

                  The place now sparkles and feels much cheerier. One of the fellows said they had so much cleaning up to do that it delayed the opening.

                  Orders are placed at counter where the stews are kept in a steam table. They all looked so good that it was hard to choose the one that came with my meal. Your order is delivered to your table, your drink is self serve. Partitioned disposable plates and plastic utensils are used.

                  I had the lamb kabob, which was a cooked a little longer than I prefer. It was still tasty and had a nice yogurt/garlic/cilantro/jalapeno sauce with it. The salad was more of a salsa with very fresh, flavorful tomato/cucumber/red onion/and either parsley or cilantro. They were out of brown rice, so white basmati was the only option. I had the eggplant stew which was the highlight of the meal. Next time I'm going to get an assortment of stews - they all looked terrific. Stews can be ordered individually, there isn't a vegetable plate options.

                  Food was quick, tasty and reasonable. The folks were so nice and interested in your experience that you want to go back soon to help them make it. Credit cards are accepted.

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                      Yep, replaced by a pizza place. This has to be the most reliably unsuccessful restaurant location in Raleigh.

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                        And did we really need another pizza place? There?