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Dec 8, 2008 08:51 PM

Best Kept Secrets in the I.E. !!

Anyone have any nominations for the Inland Empire's best restaurants that you think are hidden gems? It's hard to find good places to eat out here, but I can start the list off with a few of my own recent discoveries!

1. Rosine's - Corona
This is one of my new favorite places to eat! It's a family owned restaurant with a more casual, cafe style sister location in Anaheim Hills. Though the menu is similar at both restaurants, the quality of food at the Corona location is indisputably better. It has an expanded menu, which includes an outstanding pork porterhouse chop that is about the size of my head (16 oz plus a side dish for only $18). I asked my server how they prepared it, and she said they marinate it for 24 hours in a honey and date brine. Well worth the trip by itself! I could go on forever about this place, but onto my next find.

2. PHOOD on Main - Downtown Riverside
This place is the definition of "hidden gem." It is literally "hidden" in the basement of the Mission Galleria Antique Shop across from the Mission Inn. I've been going to this place for years and had NO idea there was such a great little eatery hidden beneath my feet. So far, I have tried a few of their mini sandwiches (kobe philly, veggie sandwich), but what really caught my attention was their "One Time Only" cake (I was told the name of this cake came about when the chef swore she'd make this cake "one time only," but had to continue making it due to the high demand from customers). It was like a small molten chocolate cake in a cup, with a cream cheese layer baked on top. I'm eager to return and try more of their delectable pastries.

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    1. Blackwood American Grille in Corona is quite good and has some great tasting events: www.blackwoodamericangrille.

      I haven't tried Citrus City Grille in Corona, but the menu looks intriguing.

      1. There's also Taps Brewery that's made a second home out there in IE (the first being in Brea). They have great Sunday seafood buffet brunches, at prices a few dollars cheaper than the Brea location; buffet offerings are similar (I've seen crab legs @ the Corona location, but not the Brea spot).

        1. Charlie's Bistro in La Verne and Aruffo's in Claremont are my two favorite Italians out there now.

          1. Hey everyone! These places sound great, I haven't visited them all but I must say of the ones I have been to, Rosine's is by far my favorite. My friends and I love going there for the mouthwatering food (the garlic sauce is to die for), the delicious drinks (yummy pomegranate mojitos!), and nice lounge atmosphere on friday/saturday nights (they have a dj until 2 am). I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is up for having some great food in a restaurant with a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

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              There really isn't much out in the I.E. is there? I've actually heard a lo of things about rosines being really good... especially for corona.. can't wait to try it. Anyone else been there?

              Any opinions on Omakase? I went there once for a tasting and it was pretty good... wonder how they are doing in that downtown riverside area. doesnt seem like the best place for a restaurant like that..