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Dec 8, 2008 08:43 PM

Chocolate and cookies for diabetics

I would like to buy some chocolate and cookies for my dad who is diabetic. Where can I find a good store in DC? I can drive around the metropolitan area, but I prefer if it's in the District.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. I believe the Chocolate Moose, near the Farragut North L Street exit, probably will have sugar-free chocolates. Also, you may want to call Sticky Fingers bakery, which is vegan. They may have low-sugar items.

    1. The Sugar Cube, a candy store at 210 North Lee Street in Old Town Alexandria, has almost a whole case of sugar free chocolates as well as a selection of sugar free hard candy (www. They are in the same complex as Overwood restaurant. If you don't want to walk from the King Street Metro you can take the free trolley and it will drop you off within a couple of blocks. I love this candy store and no I don't work there. :-)

      1. Neuhaus in Union Station sells sugar free as does Whole Foods sell sugar free Vosges chocolate, I believe (Vosges is incredible). Also - World Market.

        1. Trader Joe's has a pretty good sugar free dark chocolate and milk chocolate bars. The label is really ugly, but the dark choco is very good. Also - Cheesecake factory has sugar free cheesecake by the slice.