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Dec 8, 2008 08:15 PM

canned baked beans recommendation

I like sweet and smoky baked beans. The ones in cans in generic supermarkets like Bush's and others lack flavor. Are there any gourmet canned baked beans that anyone would recommend trying?

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    1. re: coney with everything

      I second B&M, even if you have to get them in the can.

    2. Gourmet baked beans? Really?

      How much do they cost?

      1. Geez, I hate when people say this, but 'baked' beans are incredibly easy to make on the stovetop.

        I had a craving and just cooked some dried beans I had. After boiling I added a few catsup packets leftover from fast food fries, a squirt of mustard, a few spoonfuls of brown sugar to taste. Then I just let them simmer.

        The are great for using up stuff ... the extra pieces of bacon, some ginger or onion that isn't going to last too much longer, a bit of tomato paste or sauce instead of catsup.Maple or pancake syrup. I've used all types of beans ... pintos, black, navy, etc.

        They are always interesting, cheap and with fewer preservatives and chemicals than what comes in a can.

        I REALLY, don't cook ... so for these to come out ok for me and to be so easy ... well, just a suggestion. Get some smokey bacon and freeze it. Fry up a few slices and add when craving beans.