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Dec 8, 2008 04:18 PM

Breakfast/Brunch in Ellicott City or Columbia?

Need somewhere this Saturday morning for three adults and would prefer a place that takes reservations. Not too noisy, fresh ingredients and a good bloody mary wouldn't hurt (but will forgo that for great omelets, etc.) Not from the area, so any suggestions would be very appreciated.

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  1. I'd recommend eggspectations. They have a website where you can preview the menu. Tons of options. I always get the oy veg. Delish!

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      1. re: pomme de terre

        Eggspectations doesn't take reservations though, and it's incredibly noisy. That whole concrete and exposed metal interior thing does nothing to create a relaxing atmosphere.

        Across the street is Donna's, which also doesn't take reservations.The food is neither great nor horrible, but it's a fairly mellow place.

    1. When i lived in ellicott city there was a great brunch at the crab shanty on 40, not sure if they still do it or not...

      1. I would third eggspectations except that I think it is extremely noisy. Also, Victoria has brunch, I've never been but here's a link to the menu:

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        1. re: LGood

          Given the criteria of "Not too noisy, fresh ingredients and a good bloody mary" I'd say Victoria Gastro Pub well ahead of eggspectations...and they take reservations. Other good choices: Clydes of Columbia, Bistro Blanc.

        2. Yep, Eggspectation is too noisy. I also find the food quality to be inconsistent, and often the check ends up being expensive for breakfast. The Waterside restaurant in the Sheraton by the lake is surprisingly good for breakfast or brunch. It will be serene, the view is nice, the food is decent, and the price is reasonable. I like their omelets.