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Dec 8, 2008 04:06 PM

KC review; Le Fou Frog, Chefburger, Aixois, Babycakes, Andres, Halls Candy Counter

ChefBurger = D. Cheeseburger and patty melt. Burgers were almost too salty to eat, and the burger and bun tasted like the grill hadn't been cleaned in years. The garlic parsley fries and sweet potato fries were ok, not as good as others I've had. Got a grasshopper shake, barely had any liquor. Not very busy for a Friday night.

Cafe at The Nelson - Watkins Museum, is not open on weekends! We were fooled. The restaurant is open, but had a sad looking buffet.

Aixios - Lunch. Escargot, which were alright = B. Tilapia = D which was not as good as Costco's heat and eat, and chicken crepes; which were tasty, two small crepes - could be a larger portion = B. Pea Soup = D not as good as a canned version. Stick to the filled crepes.

Andre's = A For chocolates, gorgeous deserts. Didn't eat in the cafeteria, they had lasagna.

Halls Dept Store Candy Counter = A. You can get Andres and Christopher Elbows by the piece as well as some gorgeous no name petit fours for 2.50 a piece.

Babycakes = D Big let down. Had red velvet, lemon, orange and chocolate. Not flavorful or at all, you couldn't tell it was lemon, or orange. Red velvet and chocolate are staples which can't be jacked up I don't think.

Le Fou Frog = A to the 10th power. Amuse Bouche -it was pate of a bird, either quail or duck, (I don't remember which) a crouton, a dab of dijionaise and a green vegetable of some sort. Had frog legs for an appetizer, gorgeous presentation in a Phylo bread basket. enough for 2 to share, tasted like chicken. Lobster tails in champagne vanilla sauce; A+ which I will order again and again, so amazing! And the kangaroo loin which was fatty and led to an upset tummy, a little too exotic. For desert we had the floating cloud/island - which I do not recommend; it was some sort of stiff egg white peaks, not very flavorful. They end with truffles, which were better than the desert we ordered!

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  1. I respond to your review in a reverse way.

    Chefburger: B, descent, but nothing compared to Blanc Burgers in Westport.

    Nelson Cafe: B, It's cute and intimate for a nice day time date. What do you expect? It's a cafeteria?

    Axios: C, I find the food to be horrible. I haven't been in a while. Do they still serve those veggie medley sides that look like The Golly Green Giant had something to do with it?

    Andres: Great for little pastries and treats to take to parties.

    Baby Cakes: A, I love this little gem in the River Market. Their cupcakes are always awesome, especially the carrot cake and lemon.

    Le Fou Frog: C, this place is very hit or miss. Could be awesome one night, could take over 2 and a half hours or more for dinner the next with cold food. I like the Happy Hour, but never over whelmed.

    1. Chefburger - was fine. Not worth the drive from my office (plaza area), but nice. I second Blanc Burgers (mm..sweet potato fries!)

      Andres - Too sweet for my taste, but so glad it's there. Very fun.

      Babycakes - I give it a B. If i'm in the area, okay - but special trip no way. Lemon was good. Peanut Butter was bland and some were dry.

      Le Fou Frog - On my list for 2009! Thanks for the review.

      1. Cafe at The Nelson--Decent food and a great place for casual conversation.

        Axios: Tasty sandwiches and desserts. Service is very hit and miss.

        Andres: Nice lunch special. Very friendly service. On the pricey side of things.

        1. Le Fou Frog, I love going there late after checking into my hotel. I sit in the bar and order the charcuterie plate. I might have to order the lobster the next time I am up.

          Andre's, just go to Christopher Elbow to start with

          Cafe at the Nelson, if you have to eat at a museum cafe then do it at the Contemporary in Ft Worth. I have never had anything good at a museum in KC

          Aixois, I have only done late breakfasts here, a nice change of pace from the hotel restaurants.

          Chefburger, do not collect anything until you stop at Blanc. Unless you just have to go eat in the P&L district.

          The rest, i have no experience so no opinion.