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Dec 8, 2008 03:56 PM

Passover vacations in New York/NJ/Conn?

Can anyone recommend a hotel in the tri state area that they were particularly happy with for Passover? Lasko tours at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton?

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  1. We enjoyed Matza Fun Tours at the Ocean Place Resort on the ocean in Long Branch,NJ. The location is gorgeous-on the boardwalk. The hotel is quite nice. The rooms are clean,modern,and a nice size. The food was very good,and plenty of it. Breakfast was an omelet station,appetizing,cheeses,hot food,smoothies etc. Lunch was paninis,fish,hot vegetable and starch including pesach pasta,Israeli salad,cold salads etc. Dinner was a choice of a red meat ,a chicken etc. During Chol Hamoed,there were oriental night,barbecue night etc. Entertainment included Gershon Vershoba, Simon Sez,Eitan unplugged,a casino night. There is a spa with wonderful jacuzzis and an indoor pool. They have a bus to Great Adventure one day of Chol Hamoed. There is golf -both miniature and regular and bowling nearby.