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Dec 8, 2008 03:23 PM

Cool Kosher Restaurant in Flatbush (Brooklyn)

OK, I have a date with a Modern Orthodox woman Wednesday night. I'm a Park Slope guy. I need some guidance. Extra points if place is near a subway line, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

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  1. If you're looking for dairy, Cafe Venezia is nice. Not superfancy, but a nice place and the food is good. Salads, fish, pasta, good appetizers. It's not very expensive- salads about $12, pasta $15 (I think), fish about $25. On a Wednesday night it shouldn't be too crowded. It's close to the Avenue J stop on the Q. The restaurant is on Coney Island Avenue between J & K.

    T-Fusion is a good place for meat - it's owned by the same people as Tea for Two (which is also good). It has more atmosphere than many places in Brooklyn, and it's kind of expensive. Think city prices- like Le Marais or Prime Grill prices. The menu is mainly steak and they have fish, chicken, and other meat options. My friends love the appetizers there, but I've only tasted a chicken one and I don't remember it. Not near a subway though- it's on Quentin Road near Nostrand (e36 I think)

    Good Luck!

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      Or if you're in the South Slope, take the B68 from Bartell-Pritchard

      For T-Fusion, you can get the B2 bus from the B/Q station on Kings Hwy; the restaurant's on Quentin between E32 and E33.

      Other meat options on the fancy side might be Rimonim (opposite Venezia, directions as above), or El Gaucho on 18th Av and E4th, where Zion used to be - take the F train to 18th Ave and walk to E4th.

      1. re: zsero

        For what it's worth, many Orthodox women don't particularly appreciate going on dates to places that are right in the middle of their communities, as they feel conspicuous and like everybody will now know their business. That said, without a car, within Brooklyn, I don't know that you'll have too many other 'cool' options.

        1. re: GilaB

          thanks for the suggestions. I keep kosher, too, at least I thought I did until I ventured further into Brooklyn ;-)

          1. re: StevenInBrooklyn

            Unfortunately there's absolutely nothing kosher in the Slope itself. It's about time someone opened something, maybe on 5th Ave or on a side street to avoid 7th Ave rents, but the ill-fated example of the pizza shop may be scaring people off.

            1. re: zsero

              I doubt Park Slope will have anything K soon; there just isn't the demand, and too many offerings are too close by. What might be smart would be for the vegetarian place that opened next to Geido on Flatbush Ave./7th to get a certification. I don't know how expensive that would be, but the place looks interesting, and the certification might even be compelling to "outsiders."

          2. re: GilaB

            That's true, but Wednesday nights are pretty quiet in most restaurants. Thursday nights are the really crowded nights.

            T-fusion is also a little bit more out of the way that Venezia, mainly because it's much more expensive.

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          1. Brooklyn now has a Cool kosher restaurant. Cooler than anything in Manhattan. And a short walk, drive or ride from Flatbush, Park Slope and the rest of brownstone Brooklyn.

            I do see that this thread, which popped up, is old, and I hope that the OP is now married and worrying about reliable brands of baby food.

            But any New Yorker who wants a date where the food is not only fabulous but fun to order and eat should know about Pardes.

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            1. re: AdinaA

              Do you know if Pardes is open Saturday nights in the summer?

                1. re: zsero

                  Basil might be, if you want a different cool kosher restaurant in Brooklyn.