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Dec 8, 2008 03:22 PM


As a matter of interest, has anyone been to Blink lately and therefore be in a position to advise whether it is worth going to for lunch?


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  1. I haven't been, but I noticed our board's own alau2 (I think!) just posted a review on her excellent blog:

    Looks good to me!

    1. I was there for dinner Saturday night, just 2 nights ago, and was quite happy with it.
      I started with the roasted scallops, which were very good. My wife had the beet and goat cheese tart which she thougth was just OK - too much phyllo which was the dominant flavour.
      Mains: I had roasted sablefish with bok choy, braised daikon, mushrooms, soy beans... Very good, not great, and I thought the portion was a bit small. Wife had beef tenderloin, which she thought was far too big (so I got to have a bit of hers anyway)! Beef was perfectly cooked to medium rare, and it was nice to be able to actually tell by taste and texture that it was a local, free range cow. Ample sides of a very good potato/proscuitto/cheese bake, carrots and breaded salsify.
      Desserts: warm gingerbread with marscapone cheese and some sort of apple tart with cardomon ice cream. Both big hits.
      With 4 glasses of wine and coffee, bill was around $175 before tip, which seemed reasonable given the food and the service.

      I would probably return, but that is hard to say for sure as I am only in Calgary for about 4 dinners a year, so given the choice might not duplicate restaurants too often. I've had better, but I've also had far worse. And to be honest, it was probably better than I am letting on but I have a hard time judging it given that I was at Teatro the previous evening for their 8 course degustation menu, after which most things seem a let down : )

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